Brave New Girl: Britney Spears Freed At Last

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After 13 years, the princess of pop is free at last — Britney Spears’ conservatorship was terminated by Judge Brenda Penny on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021, following the very public, ongoing legal fight to end her court-ordered guardianship.

No longer “overprotected,” the pop star is now permitted to make her own decisions — both financial and otherwise — for the first time since February 2008.

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Spears took to Instagram to thank her fans and members of the #FreeBritney movement, which she credits with “saving her life.”

Life Post-Conservatorship

So what’s new for the pop icon now that she is in total control of her life for the first time since 2008?

For the first time since the beginning of her conservatorship, Spears has access to every penny of her nearly $60 million net worth now that a conservator is not responsible for her every decision.

One of the many restraints of the conservatorship prohibited Spears from driving — as of last week, the singer had been given the keys to her car and now has the freedom to drive once again.

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The terms of Spears’ conservatorship did not permit her to get married or have any more children — but this is all about to change. Spears’ longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari recently popped the question and VALLEY can almost hear wedding bells ringing! The pop star has even hinted that Donatella Versace (with whom Spears has long held a relationship) is in the process of making her wedding gown.

One of the many complaints Spears aired in her June 23 court date, was that the conservatorship had court-ordered her to have an IUD implanted as a means of not having children against her will. As the conservatorship is now terminated, Spears is free to have the IUD removed and proceed as she pleases — and she’s hinted at wanting to have another baby for quite some time.

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While Spears may be free, her fight for justice is far from over. Spears has claimed many times that she would like to sue her family following the nearly 14-year-long court-ordered guardianship. The pop star testified in court this June to having suffered abuse at the hands of her father, Jamie Spears (long-acting conservator). The “Lucky” singer has also claimed that there was financial misconduct with her money at the hands of not only her father, but her mother and sister as well.

Spears’ legal battle may also extend farther than just her parents and sister. The pop star may also be seeing changes in her custody agreement with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Spears had limited time with her sons, Jayden and Sean Federline, as a result of the conservatorship, and is now able to appeal for a change in their agreement.

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While there has been speculation of making new music, Spears has stated that she wants to take her time getting back to work again following the nearly three-year hiatus she was under while her father was in charge of her decisions.

Whether or not the pop icon chooses to release new music, VALLEY hopes she enjoys her newfound freedom and uses it to do whatever she pleases.


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