Nightlife Attire: In Style, In Season

DresstoGoOutPenn State nightlife seems to have one season – summer. We prowl fratland as if it is 80 degrees in the dead of winter. Sure, we have our frackets to shield us from the tundra that is State College, but are we really being fashionable if we don’t dress for the season?

“I almost feel like I can’t dress for the weather like I would other places because it goes against the norm here,” says senior Kylee Orriss. “It’s just the Penn State culture, I guess.”

Orriss is right – we all have our own collection of “going out clothes” that we have accumulated during our time here, most of which fit a certain norm.  Rompers, crop-tops and high-waisted shorts are common go-tos when we’re getting ready for a night out with friends.

With a few small investments, we can alter our nighttime wardrobe to fit the winter months. All it takes is a willing to be warm – and an understanding that, to be blunt, no one cares what you wear as long as you are confident and comfortable. 

Closed-Toe/Booty Heels

Save the open-toed wedges and heels for the summer months. (Our feet are prettier then, anyway!) Every girl needs a pair of simple, closed-toe black heels. They go with almost anything: casual or formal. Booty heels are also incredibly versatile, not to mention warm. Wear them with your favorite fuzzy socks and let it be your little secret.

Combat Boots

Despite the closed-toe heel options, admit it – when it’s cold, the last thing that we want to do is wear heels. So why do we do it? Who ever said girls need heels to have fun? Save the heels for a real formal function and try a pair of trendy combat boots instead.

Dark-Washed Jeans

We all know that dreaded disappointment when a gust of wind hits your bare legs, causing your freshly-shaved calves to become forever prickly.  Party dresses are adorable, and pretty skirts work, but there is nothing quite as sheik as skinny dark-washed jeans in the winter. Rock them with a pair of booty heels or combat boots and be the warmest girl at the party.

Pleather Jacket

This ones for the girls who don’t hide their jackets at the party. Rock a brown or black pleather jacket all night by incorporating it into your outfit. TJ Maxx is a goldmine for the jacket-deprived.

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