New Release: “Tiger King” Season Two

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That’s right, Netflix’s biggest quarantine binge-watch is back. On Nov. 17, the second season of “Tiger King” premiered, bringing new plot twists and answering questions left behind from the first season in five new episodes.

After “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness” was released back in March 2020, many viewers were left wondering the future of the highlighted individuals.

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“Tiger King” wouldn’t be what it is without the king himself, Joe Exotic. Joe Exotic is currently still serving his 22-year sentence in prison but that didn’t hold him back from appearing in the new season. Interviewed on phone calls for the upcoming season, he discussed his wishes to enjoy the fame and to hopefully get to watch the first season of the documentary in the future. He was also recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer before the airing of the upcoming season.

Joe Exotic’s biggest threat, Carol Baskin, makes her return with the notorious question of whether she killed her husband being brought back into play. Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin never got along and tried shutting one another down back in the first season. Baskin views herself differently from private zoo owners like Joe Exotic and Doc Antle, claiming she owns a big cat sanctuary. Days before the release of the newest season, Baskin filed suit against Netflix for making her look like the villain.

Jeff Lowe, who happens to be Joe Exotic’s old partner, also makes a return. Lowe shut the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park down from the public claiming there was no stable income coming in since people stopped visiting. He is operating the zoo under harsher conditions since it has appeared to be running on low revenue for a while now.

The new season has fans talking on social media platforms about their reactions. This season seems to still fulfill the craziness revealing more information that has not been discovered from the first. It has not been announced if “Tiger King” will have a third season yet.

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