Weighing In: The 400 Glute Workout

Photo by Kimberly Hutchison

Alright ladies, it’s time to get that butt ready for bathing suit season. This 400 workout will have your legs and glutes burning in no time. Don’t believe me? Try it and find out!

The machines that this workout will involve are the Smith machine (the attached squat bar) and the assisted pull up machine.

20 wide stance squats on the Smith machine (5 sets)

20 narrow stance squats on the Smith machine (5 sets)

20 glute pushdowns on the assisted pull up machine (5 sets each side).
To do this, push down the platform where your knees normally go with one leg.

20 weighted (at least 10lbs) walking lunges (5 sets)

Make this one of your daily workouts and you will have a Nicki Minaj butt in no time. Good luck!