VALLEY Tries It: Shots, But Juice

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Juice shots are a craze that’s been going on for a while and have been something we wanted to try here at VALLEY. There is so much talk about all of the benefits to juice shots, so we wanted to find out if it was all worth the hype.

These juice shots are easy to find and don’t have to be ordered online, in fact, they can be found at your local Trader Joe’s. The shots come in three flavors: Mighty Turmeric, No Joke Ginger, and Absolutely Acerola. They are all organic and $1.99 a piece.

Mighty Turmeric

If you are not already aware of the amazing benefits of turmeric, it is beneficial to your immune system, digestive system and also contains properties that can reduce inflammation in the body.

The description of this shot says “a blend of coconut water, turmeric & lemon juices, with added black pepper”. The taste is similar to that of orange juice but stronger. If you can power through the unusual taste, you will feel the rejuvenating effects of the shot immediately.

Final rating: 9/10

No Joke Ginger

If you are a beginner at taking health shots, this ginger shot is probably at the intermediate level. As the name of this shot says, the taste was seriously no joke.

The description of this one says: “a blend of coconut water, ginger & lemon juices, with added cayenne pepper.” It is definitely the strongest out of the three and tasted a little bit carbonated. The cayenne pepper adds an invigorating sting to the shot while the ginger definitely makes the body feel more cleansed.

Final rating: 8/10

Absolutely Acerola

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If you are intimidated by the strong taste of juice shots, Trader Joe’s Absolutely Acerola flavor is definitely the best one to start with. This shot is of “100% cold-pressed acerola cherries” but even without the add-on ingredients, it is extremely beneficial.

This shot contains 100% of the daily vitamin-C that is recommended. It also helps with the immune system and can help fight off infections.

Final rating: 10/10

All of these juice shots can be taken straight, or mixed into a smoothie. There are so many benefits to taking these, not only for your physical health but mental as well. By taking a juice shot every morning, you can feel better and more productive throughout the day.


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