Vests: Not Just For Fall Anymore

Photo by Maddie Klebe

Spring has officially sprung in Happy Valley, complete with snowstorms and below-freezing temperatures. While you may have already packed your parka away, it’s not exactly t-shirt weather yet. Layering is key to staying comfortable in these awkward not-winter-but-not-spring-weather weeks. A vest is the perfect way to keep warm without getting too hot, and they’re not just for fall anymore. Making a vest work for spring is easier than you think.

Jean Vests

While puffy vests may work best for fall, lighter vests will work better for spring. Junior marketing major and fashion guru Ally Brennan recommends pairing a jean vest with a plain shirt or dress for a cute but warm springtime look.

Blazer Vests

If you’re feeling a little fancier, try dressing up your ensemble with a blazer vest. Brennan recommends sticking to solid colors when wearing a blazer vest to keep your look modern and sleek.

Kimono Vests

Kimono vests are long, usually patterned vests that resemble a kimono without sleeves. Since they tend to include busy patterns, Brennan says it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple. She recommends pairing a kimono vest with jean shorts, a plain top and a statement necklace to tie it all together.

Khaki and Dark Green Vests

Khaki vests are great for adding some flair to your everyday look. Pair a khaki or dark green vest with jeans and a white shirt to add some contrast.

Try any or all of these looks this spring to add some excitement to your spring wardrobe. If there’s a spring vest we missed that you love, let us know in the comments!


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