Meet Our Spring 2016 Beauty and Health Section Opener — Ryan Lamb

Photo by Vanessa Zican Feng

If you’ve ever taken a Zumba or Butts & Guts class at the White Building, you’ve probably seen him.

Ryan Lamb started out as just a Zumba fitness instructor, but has since branched out to teach all kinds of classes, from Power. Remix! to Boot Camp. He says he didn’t expect to enjoy teaching classes like cycling and boot camp, but he was pleasantly surprised.

Lamb’s interest in being a fitness instructor began senior year of high school — the year he began teaching Zumba. The Junior Journalism major took a two semester training program once he got to Penn State, and after his interview and audition he was able to start teaching classes here.

Lamb thinks everyone should try taking a fitness class if they haven’t already. When asked why he prefers a fitness class to a tradition gym workout, Lamb says it’s all about the fun-filled environment.

“It’s just fun to have a big dance party and still get a workout in,” Lamb says of Power. Remix!

If you’re wondering what exactly it takes to become a PSU fitness instructor, it’s definitely not easy. You have to go through two semesters of training. You learn all the basics of how to teach a fitness class, then at the end you have an interview and audition. If they like you’re stuff, you become a certified Penn State fitness instructor.

Lamb does a lot more than just teach fitness classes, though. This year was Lamb’s third year on a Dancer Relations committee. He also became the Public Relations chair for an Special Interest organization called Ayuda here at Penn State. Through this position, he serves as the main contact for the org’s THON family. He even got to help plan a 5th birthday party for their THON child this year!

When asked what he loves most about THON, Lamb’s answer was simple.

“I love seeing all the kids get to be a kid again,” he says.

Lamb is also involved in Mission Mexico, an organization that helps Penn State students travel to Tijuana, Mexico over spring break to work at an orphanage. Lamb says he got to play with the kids, bring them toys, and worked on making the orphanage nicer while the kids were at school by painting their bedrooms. Last year, they built a shade structure — their biggest project ever.

Lamb is currently teaching five different fitness classes at the White Building, so make sure to check him out next time you’re there!


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