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VALLEY needs to bring awareness to the product that has been flying under the radar — the enhancing lip tint. Makeup brands have been introducing a new invention, which brings a whole new product to the beauty game. This new creation is a lip gloss which adapts to your own personal lip coloring. 

As 2022 is coming to an end, it is no secret that lips have been the hottest of topics in the beauty world. It has become very in-style to have the most luscious yet plumptious lips. Even though it is not generic for everyone, lip fillers have become more normal than any plastic surgery. Although it is not necessary to stick with every trend, lip products still have been earning a huge following, and lip tints are the new feature everyone is drawn to. The natural enhancer of the lips caters to everyone as it is supposed to change the shade of your lips to its fullest potential. 

photo from Clinique.com

The product that began this trend was Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. At first sight, the lip shade can seem quite intimidating as it appears to be a dark shade in the container. However, once on your lips it completely transforms to be a transparent pigment. It glides right on to create a lightweight glossy and shiny lip. People say the lipstick has a chameleon ability as it flatters all skin tones while holding its enhancing abilities. The magic behind the product is that it is unique to everyone; it brings out everyone’s natural lip shade. Everyone who buys this product will have a different result, but it will only intensify your natural beauty. 

photo from kyliecosmetics.com

Another company that is joining the innovative natural tint trend is Kylie Cosmetics. The brand released a limited-edition Wizard of Oz. collection that includes the new product named a transformative lip tint. This gloss has an emerald green look in the packaging, but once applied to the lips it has a total different appeal. When it makes contact to the lips, it creates a unique pink that develops to enhance your natural lip color, as shown above.

These new lip products are bringing an underlying tone our way — natural beauty is here to stay. Intensifying your natural features is the key to fulfilling your makeup looks to love what you already have, just spicing them up a notch. 

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