How to Achieve Your Faux-Freckled Fantasy in Three Simple Steps

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Freckles are a flattering facial feature that not all of us are fortunate enough to possess naturally. Associated with youth and the summer, they have moved to the forefront of beauty trends in recent times. However, even if you were not given the genetics necessary to rock this look naturally, you can still live your freckled fantasy by choosing the correct cosmetics products and following these simple steps!

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The Faux-Freckles Shopping List:
  • Brow Pencil

The easiest way to draw on freckles using makeup is with your trusty brow pencil. Fortunately, many cosmetics lovers will already have this item in their collection. For the purpose of this technique, a pencil with a thin, defined point is the correct choice, as smaller markings will look the most natural. A soft brown or taupe shade is optimal! 

  • Blush

The faux-freckles trend is usually seen as a spring or summer fashion choice, so it is no surprise that it is usually accompanied by a healthy-looking glow. In following this tutorial, you will supplement your newly decorated complexion with a rosy hue, so pick your favorite shade and get ready to blend! This process will require a powder blush rather than a liquid one, as the latter will likely disrupt the freckles, which will be drawn on underneath.

  • Blending Tools

A very wise person once said, “When in doubt, just blend it out!” All jokes aside, you will need to diffuse the previously mentioned products so that they don’t appear too bold. 

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A Trendy Summer Statement in Three Simple Steps:
  • Apply Your Freckles
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Using your narrow-tipped brow pencil, carefully decorate your nose and the surrounding area with small markings. Don’t worry about placing them in an orderly fashion, as a more erratic arrangement will be more reminiscent of the real thing.

There is no rule regarding how to place the freckles correctly and experimenting with their density is key in deciding which look works best for you. Many makeup lovers who participate in this trend daily will place freckles densely on the nose, and then smoothly transition into a more sparse appearance as they move to the cheeks. Perhaps you can use a reference photo to inspire your artistry!

  • Always, Always Blend!
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After the first step, you have accessorized the high points of your face with flattering freckles, but it is likely that many of these markings look too bold and somewhat unnatural. By blending the freckles out using your brush of choice, you will achieve a lighter and more authentic look. In attempting this technique, a brush will likely serve you better than a sponge, as brow pigment will likely require a harsher blending tool to subdue. A foundation brush or any other style with short, dense fibers will work wonders.

  • Adding a Pop of Color
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The final step to achieving this trendy makeup look is to outfit your newly acquired freckles with a flattering blush. The pairing of freckles and a rosy, warm complexion is the perfect example of a summer cosmetics craze. Starting at your nose and fanning outwards, apply your favorite shade using a fluffy brush, keeping in mind that applicators with the most volume will spread the product most effectively. Be sure not to apply the product too harshly, to not distract from your beautifully drawn freckles. You can also buff out the blush with your foundation brush if you realize you have applied too much!

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