Trend Alert: Red Hair Is In This Fall

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You heard it here first: all kinds of red hair are in this fall. Looking to change up your style and tap into your fiery side? You may wanna go red.

We’ve seen all shades of red hair taking over TikTok recently. When Kendall Jenner dyed her hair a couple months ago, the social media world went crazy and reigned red hair as the new “it” hair color for the season. The most popular look, though, has to be this copper shade with some light highlights:

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This shade, though alluring, may not flatter everybody — and that’s okay! VALLEY’s here to guide you towards your most flattering red hair shade, one that will bring out your best features, add dimension and add fire to your already beautiful look.

Dyeing your hair is a huge decision, and to make the best choice for which shade would look best, taking your skin tone into consideration is a huge factor. Your skin tone can help determine whether or not a change to red adds anything new to your look.

Senior Alicia Lorantas had an interest in going red because of how often she began to see everyone in the media rocking dark hair with red undertones and highlights. Seeing others with red hair that was complimentary to their dark features and tan skin inspired her to consider taking the leap.

“You never know until you try,” says Lorantas. “I want a change.”

Red hair dye also takes quite some time to get out or grow out. If you do choose to go red, you must be prepared to keep up the look for months, or even a year. According to, depending on your hair length and the last time you dyed it, growing out your hair back to its’ natural color can take up to two years, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

Are you in need of a change? Keep reading!

Fair Skin

VALLEY’s favorite red hair shade for fair skin (and perhaps blue eyes, if that describes you) is this dark copper one, with a few highlights. It will make your blue eyes stand out, and help you appear tanner. It’s almost like ‘cherry coke’ hair, but slightly lighter. If you’re someone with naturally blonde or dirty blonde hair, this will be pretty dark for you — but don’t be afraid — it’s fall! Now’s the time for a change.

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If you’re in the mood for something more orange, another one of VALLEY’s red-hair recommendations for fair skin is to dabble with golden copper.

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You may also want to experiment with strawberry blonde, or shades of muted copper, if you’re looking for something more on the orange side but that’s not too fiery.

Light-Medium Tan Skin

‘Cherry coke’ hair works on fair skin, too, but it is the best option for those with a more tan complexion. The key to dynamic ‘cherry coke hair’ is making it multi-dimensional, meaning keeping the roots of the hair dark and having the red fade down, almost like a balayage. This hairstyle borders on purple, but stays noticeable as red, so to balance out the red tones, you may want to try adding some lighter highlights.

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Deep Tan Skin

Fiery red or burnt orange are two hair shades that really make deep tan skin pop. Stars like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Rihanna have rocked this look in the past. It’s an orange-based shade that brings out the yellow undertones in deep tan skin. You can also add in some blonde highlights or lowlights for some dimension.

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Dark Skin

Just like ‘cherry coke’ hair looks lovely on tan skin, it looks beautiful on dark skin as well. So does violet red, an almost purple-ish tone that looks a little like plum. When it comes to red hair on dark skin, purple tones are key. If you’re looking for more inspiration and want to narrow done your Pinterest search, use keywords such as “plum hair on dark skin” or “burgundy hair on dark skin.”

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Which shade of red are you DYE-ing to try? Have you taken the plunge and dyed your hair red this season? Send us a pic on Instagram @VALLEYmag!


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