Y2K Beauty Is Back

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The so-called Y2K look is built around the best trends of the 2000s: baby blues and pinks, glitter, butterflies and so much lipgloss. If you were around during the early 2000s, the first thing you’ll notice is that updated Y2K looks only vaguely resemble the actual beauty of the era. Back then — as wild as it seems now with Instagram, TikTok and YouTube — there weren’t a ton of beauty resources out there for the average person.

According to Amanda Ross, “America’s first Sephora didn’t even open until 1998, and most cosmetics stashes were sourced from drugstores and department stores. Crucially, while long-lasting formulas, inclusivity and clean ingredients are now widespread, back then, wide shade ranges and skincare-as-makeup were all but nonexistent.”

Beauty companies responded with what we consider some of the most fun, indulgent styles ever: body glitter, rhinestone-adorned eyelashes, holographic gloss and endless pans of colorful shadows. Ahead, VALLEY rounded up five of our favorite Y2K-inspired makeup looks and the products that you need to recreate them at home.

For the matte complexion
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Reveal a flawless complexion with Skin Based Pressed Powder ($39 at Illamasqua). With a smooth velvet-matte finish this silky ultra-fine formula helps to blur imperfections and absorb shine. This pressed powder blends easily to set your base make-up for perfect skin all day.

For the shimmery, bright lid
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Express your individuality with twelve highly pigmented Powder Eye Shadows ($50 at Illamasqua) in matte and shimmer. Each one delivers a color-intense finish, allowing you to create any number of unique looks.

For the skinny brow
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Create perfectly-defined eyebrows with the Precision Brow Gel ($15 at Illamasqua). This cream gel formulation is available in a range of wearable, long-lasting and versatile shades to suit multiple skin tones and hair colors. Use the Brow Definer Brush to draw fine hairs through your natural brows to enhance the shape and color.

For the candy-tinted cheek
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This triple-delivery formula ($12 at Sephora) for cheeks, eyes and lips allows you to build and blend as you go, creating a beautiful, natural-color payoff. Enriched with coffee butter–a highly moisturizing ingredient to help soothe and smooth the look of red, dry of fatigued skin–this tint stick offers up a hydrating, effortless pop or color.

For the ombre, matte lip
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The NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($20 at Sephora) ensures that lips are instantly saturated with rich, vivid pigments and a velvety-matte finish. Its jumbo size provides the ease of application of a lipstick with the convenience of an artist pencil. The tapered end is perfect for lining, defining and filling in lips.

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