Pop-Up Ave: The Comeback

Are you really into vintage clothing? Going to super awesome flea markets? Shopping locally? Or maybe you are just looking for something fun to do on a Saturday. Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, or even if you didn’t, VALLEY has the perfect event for you to attend September 30th from 11am-7pm on the 100th block of South Fraser Street.

Please! What Is It?

Pop Up Ave is making their return to State College for the first time since 2019. This event is a curated outdoor and vintage market with some of the coolest businesses in the area. You’ll find clothing, candles, ceramics and more, all in one place. There will also be food vendors and live music to make it the perfect Saturday.

If that has not sparked your interest enough, VALLEY sat down with Co-Founder of Pop Up Ave, Brad Groznik, to get the inside scoop and ensure you clear your calendar for this event.

Ok, I’m Listening…

Pop Up Ave is inspired by the New York City flea markets that Brad and his wife would go to on the weekend when they lived in the city. Groznik paints the picture that “there would be these awesome vendors selling vintage clothes and all these handmade products. There would be a beer garden, food trucks, music, and DJs. When we moved back to State College, we realized that there wasn’t anything quite like that here. State College has awesome farmers markets and the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, but there was not that kind of maker and vintage market that we really loved, so we decided to create it.”

What Kind of Vintage Market Are We Talking About?

In the four years Pop Up Ave happened in State College, there were a few vendors that really grew a buzz in returning attendants and for the founders themselves.

We asked Groznik what vendors he is excited about seeing again. He listed off some of his favorites, which included: “Amanda Leilani Designs who is a jeweler, and she does amazing pieces. She is a long-time vendor of ours and we absolutely love her jewelry. Art of the Earth is a pottery vendor. We have several of her mugs in our house because every time we have one of these events, we buy at least one. Dovekie & Finch is always great, they make concrete plants for air and house plants. Lightning Bug Gift Co. makes the softest t-shirts around. Still Not A Hippie and Loba Mane are both amazing local skin care product companies. The Midtown Dandy is a men’s vintage shop and the second he sets up his racks, I am on it because I want to make sure I grab something. His partner is Stash Vintage, and she is a women’s vintage shop, and I think they will both be a big hit.”

From that extensive list alone, there is bound to be something for everyone. Groznik stated, “The vintage is awesome at this market, really just the best picks. If you’re sick of going to Goodwill and only finding one thing or nothing at all, I can guarantee you are going to find a ton of stuff here.”

Groznik also listed off vendors that will set up for their first time this year and shares some of the amazing work you’ll find with them. He highlights @kreese66_upcycles who was one of his old students. “She does that really cool upcycling patchwork. She’ll take a bunch of Penn State sweatpants, t-shirts, and all kinds of clothes and make really awesome patchwork designs. There is also Clove and Sprig who make the best smelling, slow burning candles. She has this special wick that burns forever.”

Two other brands he is really excited about are RepresentPA and Rediscover State College. These two brands are perfect if you want to wear some Pennsylvania pride on the days you are not wearing Penn State merchandise.

That’s Cool… But I’m On a Budget

We totally understand… we’re all broke college kids here. Fortunately for you, Pop Up Ave tailors to just that! Groznik says, “That is a big thing for us. We want to make sure that if you show up with twenty bucks in your pocket you can find something you really love. With all these makers, we ask them to bring products that are mostly under $75. We try to make it an inexpensive place to shop.”

Perfect! I’m There.

I think that it is safe to say we sparked your interest, so now all you need to do is mark your calendars and get excited! Prepare yourself for great finds, delicious food, cold beer and a loud bass. Saturdays do not get much better than that.

Starting at noon, “…there is Home Planet performing, which is a really amazing local, up and coming band. And then we have some really fun DJ’s such as DJ Gingerman and timmytats, who owns Kobra Tattoos. They love spinning reggae, and reggae on a sunny day is just the best thing to listen to. And then we have The Sure Shots which is like a country, indie rock band on at three o’clock. After them DJ Elbow Knee Knee, who is my favorite DJ, shuts us down and makes Pop Up Ave just like a party.”

You heard it here first folks, from the Co-founder of Pop Up Ave himself. This is an event you do not want to miss. Bring your friends, get there early for the good stuff and be ready to spend all day on the 100th block of South Fraser Street!

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VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.

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