The Secret Behind An Angel’s Diet

Photo posted by Victoria's Secret | Instagram (@victoriassecret)

We all gather around the TV annually to watch the VS Angels Fashion Show, hopelessly obsessing about how we wish we were an Angel. We wish we looked like them, lived like them and were friends with them. These girls are the textbook definition of “perfection”, right? But before you decide you want to be reborn as an Angel, think again. The diet of a VS Angel is the furthest thing from lovely.

Besides being genetically blessed, these models are responsible for being almost naked all the time— whether it’s a fashion show, a photo shoot or an interview. With that being said, it’s basically their job to be in the best shape of their lives 24/7, 365 days a year.

There are no sites online or interviews with the Angels that say specifically what the models do in order to maintain their figure— but from common answers, their diet consists of just lean proteins, healthy fats and no sugar.

A few years ago, Adriana Lima stepped out on stage and shocked the lingerie-wearing world: she had transformed her post-baby body in such a short amount of time. How did she do this? A liquid diet, two-a-day gym sessions and a whole lot of determination.

Though the models don’t live off of a liquid diet year-round, they are responsible for eating “clean” most of the time. As far as their gym sessions, some Angels report they go less than 4 times a week in their off season. These Angels have won the genetic lottery and as much as it would be nice to look like them, there’s no way we can sprout up to 5’9 one night and be blessed with a rapid metabolism.

Sorry everyone— but there really is no diet that will make you look like a VS Angel. So grab a bag of popcorn, throw on your pajamas and prepare to watch some very genetically-gifted girls strut down a runway half-naked wearing millions of dollars worth of wings. Or not.


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