Weighing In: The Unofficial Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Workout

Photo posted by Victoria's Secret | Instagram (@victoriassecret)

The day you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s a time to gather with friends and family while pigging out on pizza and candy and wondering how it’s possible to look that good. After all of the pizza is gone and you’re full of carbs, try doing our VSFS workout during the show!

Do a 60-second wall sit the first time you see Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid.

This year is Kendall and Gigi’s first time on the VS runway!

Do five push-ups every time you see a pair of angel wings.

Your arms should be feeling like jell-o by the end of the show.

Plank for 30 seconds every time an angel blows a kiss.

And an extra 30 seconds if there’s a wink.

Do 20 sit-ups when you see the million-dollar bra.

Rumor has it that this year the bra costs $2 million.

Do jumping jacks for one minute each time you see a model wearing feathers.

You’ll be sweating in no time!

Take a water break every time you see a model do an impossibly graceful twirl in sky-high heels.

Because, how?

Do 15 crunches each time a model holds hands with a performing artist.

Do 15 more if they walk down the catwalk together.

Do a few stretches every time Selena Gomez looks amazing.

Which is pretty much all the time. So we’re really giving you a break here.

With this workout, you’ll be feeling like a VS model in no time! (Or you’ll just feel better about all of the pizza you ate.)


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