The Best of Game Day Food

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Penn State football is back and with that comes all of the yummy food we’ve missed for so long. There is nothing quite like being offered all of your favorites while walking around tailgates and Beaver Stadium with your friends. From delicious hamburgers to a classic chicken basket, they are all hard to turn down. With so many food and snack choices to indulge in, VALLEY is here to show you the best of the best on game day.

Since the days can be long everyone needs food to keep them going, VALLEY asked several Penn State students to tell us their favorite game day eats.

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Buffalo Chicken Dip
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A Penn State tailgate would not be complete without buffalo chicken dip — there is nothing like it. “If a tailgate has buffalo chicken dip, you know I will be there,” Sylvie Weinstock, a second year student said.

This dip is usually composed of shredded chicken, cream cheese, buffalo sauce, ranch and sometimes blue cheese. Add some veggies and tortilla chips on the side and you’re ready.

Hot Dogs
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When second year students Ava Rotonde and Leanne Picinic were asked what their favorite tailgate food was, they both screamed “Glizzys!” If you’re at a tailgate with a grill, then you will probably have this as an entree option. Rotonde added, “If I don’t have a glizzy before a game it was an unsuccessful day.”

Infamous Chicken Basket
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There is nothing more iconic than a Beaver Stadium chicken basket. Although the lines can be long and you may not want to miss a touchdown, this has stayed a student favorite for years. If you can spare 20 minutes of the game, this snack is definitely worth it.

Penn State student Peyton Welker told VALLEY, “The chicken basket is hands down the best food to get on game day.”

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Subs, or “hoagies” as students from Philly would say, are second year Ty Crawford’s favorite food to find at a tailgate. Crawford told VALLEY, “If I find Jersey Mike’s or buffalo chicken dip at a tailgate, I am not leaving.”

Subs are definitely a crowd pleaser at tailgates since they are easy to serve and snack on.

Crawford also added, “I feel electric about football being back. Feels good to see the entire community at State College in one spot rooting for the same team.”

All of the students were overjoyed that football season is back and they can eat all of their food favorites.

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