WE ARE… Getting Cane’s

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The Pennsylvania State University, also known as the land of fast food, is adding yet another chain establishment to the late night eats roster: Raising Cane’s.

The incredibly popular chicken finger establishment hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana has gained a cult-like following that can be seen all over social media. They’re best known for their chicken fingers, buttery Texas toast, coleslaw and most importantly, the Cane’s sauce. All of this can be seen in the form of a monstrous sandwich in muckbangs on your for you page!

Penn State students are eager to try all this fast food chain has to offer but are growing antsy. Don’t worry, VALLEY wants to try it too. That’s why we have all the details about the upcoming grand opening!

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The new home for Raising Cane’s will be at 228 E. College Ave., also known as next door to Urban Outfitters. Following the reveal of the iconic Cane’s sign, students’ anticipation for this new late night spot only grew. Part of the reasoning behind this excitement is the fact that this location will be the first Raising Cane’s in Pennsylvania.

Penn State comes with a large population of students who have never tried the famous chicken fingers, Cane sauce and Texas toast combination. While the original opening was postponed due to construction issues, we now know the official grand opening will be on June 14th!

We have a feeling its going to be worth the wait!

photo from collegian.psu.edu

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