Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

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Today, Arts Fest draws over 125,000 people to State College each summer. According to Olha Savych, “The Festival includes, in addition to the nationally recognized Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition, a gallery exhibition, Children and Youth Day, BookFestPA, educational opportunities, and music, dance and theatrical performances on both outdoor and indoor stages.” 

The in-person Festival of the Arts for 2022 will be on July 14-17 with Children and Youth Day on July 13. Loyal Penn State alumni, students and folks return to Happy Valley to enjoy the sights and sounds of the “Arts Fest,” a quintessential part of the Penn State experience.

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Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition

The sidewalk sale and exhibition is the perfect place for shopping while you support independent artist-entrepreneurs across the country. Whether you are looking for a work of art, piece of jewelry, houseware or all of the above, the artists have something for you.

Banner Competition

The banner exhibition and competition is one of the signature events of Arts Fest. During the festival, banners hang over South Allen Street, bringing color and movement to the atmosphere. Banners can be made by individuals or groups.

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The show is open to Pennsylvania artists working in the following categories: drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, hand-pulled prints, watercolor, fiber, paper and digital art. Adults and enrolled students from ages 16 through 26 are encouraged to apply.

Children and Youth Sidewalk Sale

The Children and Youth Sidewalk sale is a great way to open the festival. It is a chance for boys and girls to develop both their artistic and entrepreneurial potential by giving them the opportunity to sell original work they have made.

Visit the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts website here for more event details!

Photo posted by @cpartsfestival on Instagram

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