Penn State Student Dies in Off-Campus Apartment

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A 21-year-old Penn State student was remembered at his funeral on Oct. 21 after a fatal night of excessive alcohol consumption.

State College police wrote in a press release that 21-year-old Ryan O’Malley was found unresponsive by his roommate at an off-campus apartment at 330 West College Avenue on Sunday, Oct. 16. Police and EMS were called to the building around 4:17 a.m. and tried performing life-saving measures, however, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

District Attorney Bernie Cantorna told PennLive that the preliminary investigation so far indicated that O’Malley bought his own alcohol and there did not appear to be any hazing or foul play involved. The investigation into his death continues as police await the results of toxicology tests.

According to Christine Vendel, “O’Malley, of South Abington Township, was a junior studying engineering. He graduated high school in 2020 from Abington Heights High School and enjoyed his dogs, baseball, softball, and going to the gym, according to his obituary.

O’Malley leaves behind his parents, a brother, and a sister, among other relatives.

How to Stay Safe While Drinking

Avoid binge drinking by always being aware of how much you’re drinking and having drinks of before and between rounds. Have your friends hold you accountable for how many shots, drinks, or beers you’re having in an evening.

Avoid the possibility of driving drunk by making a pact with yourself that you will never, ever get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Give the keys to a friend, count on a designated driver, or keep ride-sharing apps on your phone for easy access. Keep in mind your future goals and those who might bear the consequences of your actions.

The odds of staying safe are increased when you choose to drink in groups, especially among trusted friends. Always keep track of what you’re drinking. Avoid those who are drinking too much, and always have your drink in sight, in your hand, to avoid the possibility of it being spiked.

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