The Woes of Working on State Patty’s

State Patty’s day is coming up and if you’re a student at Penn State, then a thorough explanation of what that weekend consists of is not necessary. We get it. Usually the question of whether you plan on participating or not is one that rarely comes up, but what happens if the answer isn’t one that consists of making regrettable memories you want to forget?

Working on State Patty’s can be the ultimate nightmare for a student, but before you start to cry, understand that as you get older, you will start to learn that there is a thing called responsibility and it’s important to develop this quality over the course of your college career. Having a job is a responsibility many students on campus have to take on because mommy and daddy’s piggy bank is no longer active. Taking the high road by not ditching work is a mature decision you should be proud of. Look at it this way; you are getting an early start on prioritizing what is important in life, so you’re really helping yourself in the long run.

But then the thought of YOLO (Yes, you would be surprise that people still use this term), creeps into your head and the idea of taking the high road isn’t so high and mighty. We understand being young is something that you can’t get back.

“Your college years are the best years,” is a phrase you’ll hear again and again from anyone who thinks they know anything about ‘living in the moment.’ The opportunity State Patty’s affords us to be around friends and just let loose – legally of course – and enjoy fun adventures is different from any other weekend. State Patty’s is a Penn State tradition and who doesn’t want to feel a part of the Penn State family?

Before you start freaking out and boycott your boss, take a deep breath and think it through. Yes, everybody is going to be enjoying the day, but the key word to keep in mind is “day.” There is no way you are going to be working a full 24-hour shift (If your boss ever did that, then boycott for sure). Your shift is most likely going to be in the beginning, middle or towards the end of the day. That gives you enough time to celebrate before and afterwards so that you wont feel left out (But please, don’t show up to work hammered – Responsibility, remember?)

The woes of working on State Patty’s day are self-evident, but don’t let the thought of working bring you down to the point where you forget to have fun when you have the chance. Instead of drowning in your depressing thoughts of coulda, woulda, shoulda, do your job and before you know it, your shift will be over and you can start to have fun.

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