Kylie’s Lip Kit on a Student Budget

Photo by Kayleigh Barber

Kylie Jenner dropped her new lip line last Black Friday. But unless you were blessed enough to get it within the first 30 seconds it was on sale, then you probably haven’t gotten your hands on it yet. Honestly though, unless you have $30 to drop on each of the colors in her collection, getting her luscious lip look is not looking good for us poor college kids.

So to help you out, we tried to replicate her look with on college budget with brands that you can find in any drug store! We found three makeup brands, in both a lipstick and lip liner, that had similar matte shades to what Kylie used in her first lip kit. For each color pairing, we chose a different brand. This way we could see how three major brands would hold up in the Kylie challenge.

Brand 1: e.l.f.
Matte Lip Color: Natural
Price: $3
Kylie’s Color: Candy K

This brand didn’t have the matte lipstick and the liner. They actually only had the lip color, which was a mix between a pencil and a matte lipstick. This color was called natural and was a mix between a Caucasian nude and a pink, which is pretty much exactly what Candy K looks like. The color went on smoothly enough, but before use, make sure you hydrate your lips. If you don’t, this lip color will make your mouth look like Death Valley up close. Over all, the color was pretty similar to Kylie’s Candy K, but the quality really was about 10% of the cost of the real thing.

Brand 2: Cover Girl
Lipstick: Tempting Toffee Colorlicious Lipstick
Price: $5.99
Lip liner: Smokey Intense Lipperfection LipLiner
Price: $5.99
Kylie’s Color: Dolce K

This color is definitely in the ballpark of Dolce K, but I would classify it more in the orange-y end of the spectrum. It isn’t quite as matte as Kylie’s. Mixing it with some translucent power might get it lose some of the orange hues and bring down the shine a bit. Another way to get it to a more Dolce K tone would be to use a base color of nude or a mauve. On its own it’s not too bad of a color, just not a good as Kylie’s, so she got us on that one. Consistency-wise, however, it went on very smoothly and was hydrating, not chalky.

Brand 3: Revlon
Lipstick: Super Lustrous Iced Mocha Lipstick
Price: $4.74
Lip Liner: Color Stay Raisin Lip Liner
Price: $7.59
Kylie’s Color: True Brown K

This color is super dark— definitely a true brown. But while the color is on point, Revlon didn’t have this dark hue in matte colors. In fact, this was one of the darkest browns available in all brands, yet none of them in this shade range had them in matte. Therefore, this color has a definite shine, which isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t Kylie’s look. Again, there are things that can be done to make the lipstick less shiny, like mixing in some translucent powder, but the shine and color isn’t bad on its own. This lip liner was the darkest available at Target in this brand, and was a bit too light for this color lipstick, but it doesn’t look bad either.

Over all, if you want Kylie’s Lip Kit without waiting for it to be back in stock and dropping $90, these alternatives will get you by. But in reality, it is on a budget and it shows.

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