Revivals We Want Back and Remakes that Shouldn’t have been Made

Fall means pumpkins, sweaters, football and the return of our favorite television shows. Revivals are a concept that has been remaking and revamping television forever, and a way to know where DJ Tanner, Rory Gilmore and Grace Adler end up.

While shows come and go, there is always hope of a revival or even a remake—the dedicated fans never lose hope. However, if you’re still thinking about a Friends reunion, VALLEY isn’t holding our breath.

Besides Friends, here are other classic television shows have not made their second appearance yet and some only gave us wanting more.

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill was a staple of the 2000s for teenage girls everywhere. There was never enough Lucas and Nathan Scott. Along with all the other characters pulling every heart string you have in every direction with each episode, wouldn’t everyone like to know where all these characters ended up after Jamie’s high school basketball game? Did Lucas and Peyton ever return to Tree Hill? Who did Chris Keller end up with?

Season 2 Gilmore Girls

With all the excitment of the four special episodes of Gilmore Girls that premiered last year, we can’t help but wonder if we are going to be lucky enough to get more. Will those four words be the last four words? Will we find out what happens with Rory’s pregnancy? How is Lorlei adjusting to married life and the idea of being a grandmother?

With revivals comes mixed emotions and the chance of it being a floop or even worth all the work for the show to not do well in the end.

“I was torn when I found out about the revival. I thought two of the episodes were really good and the other two dragged on,” says junior Allison Waksman.

A show good enough to get a revival cannot quit while they are ahead. Other shows or movies come into the remake stage and makes fans excited, until we see the new project on our television screens. Some remakes and revivals unfortunately turn out worse than the original.

Dirty Dancing 2017 Remake

Dirty Dancing, the 1987 classic drama got a remake with a new cast, starring Abigail Breslin as Frances “Baby” Houseman and Colt Prattes as Johnny Castle. The classic movie had high hopes for a remake making it with a well known cast 30 years later. However, there was quite a couple of blunders that made the remake not one close to a classic. The ending of the film, and that the characters sing in this movie just doesn’t give the dancing all the credit. These changes, the acting in the film and the actor’s chemistry wasn’t believeable enough to compete with the original romance film. This made this remake a floop.

As far as remakes and revivals go, every piece of entertainment risks failure. However, the risk one takes for a remake and revival is one that can lead to television magic.