The Penn State Senior Bucket List

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Hey Penn Staters! It’s a new year filled with countless syllabi, new faces and most importantly the regular old “state your name, hometown, major and a fun fact” routine. Regardless, there are many opportunities for different students at Penn State, more specifically with the seniors. This is the last first day of school and the last first week of the last year of undergrad at Penn State. It is the last opportunity to do the things With that being said, VALLEY will be providing a mix of social, academic and Penn State-centric activities to cross off your senior bucket list!

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1. Spend a Night Out Downtown

Downtown State College is full of many bars, clubs and restaurants that make the culture of Penn State and State College overall. Take some time out of your busy schedule and spend a night exploring the culture by yourself or with some friends!

2. Get an On-Campus Job

Penn State has many opportunities for students to get a job and earn money on campus. Getting a job on campus helps you learn more responsibility and is a great buffer into the adult world when you get a full-time job!

3. Go to a Party/Formal

With it being Penn State, there is always a party on the weekend somewhere. Experience a bit of that party culture by getting dressed up and attending a party or formal.

4. Pursue Volunteer Opportunities

Give back to a cause you are really passionate about. This can be achieved through an on-campus service/volunteer organization or organizations in State College.

5. Play an Intramural Sport

Take the opportunity to play a sport you miss or play a sport that you’ve always wanted to play!

6. Visit the Lion Shrine

The Lion Shrine is one of the most attractive sights in the whole state of Pennsylvania. Take the advantage of being a Penn State student and visit the Lion Shrine on your way to class!

7. Hike Up Mount Nittany

In addition to playing intramural sports, another fun way to get fit is going on a hike with some friends on one of Penn State’s famous landmarks.

8. Engage in the Penn State Spirit and Traditions

Engaging in Penn State spirited events and traditions are embedded in Penn State culture. So, try to participate in football games, tailgating and homecoming events to experience the Penn State culture!

9. Hang Out on HUB Lawn

When it s a nice day out at the beginning of the fall semester or towards the end of the spring semester, try to go outside in the nice weather and sit on a blanket and enjoy relaxing on the HUB lawn.

10. Stop by the Berkey Creamery!

The Berkey Creamery at Penn State is one of the most infamous places on campus. Before you graduate, at least try one of the flavors the creamery has to offer! One rule though — don’t mix any flavors!

11. Attend THON

THON is Penn State’s student-run philanthropy that raises money for pediatric cancer. Join a special interest org or THON committee to be a part of a special Penn State experience!

12. Ace a Final

Since the primary reason for attending college is to get good grades and earn your degree, it might be good to try to work hard on acing at least one of your last finals. Try to join study groups and find a new study spot or do anything to try and help you succeed

13. Check Out a New Study Spot

Speaking of, this campus is full of many different buildings and rooms that some students might never hear of. Try to check out these rooms and buildings on campus, because chances are they could become an efficient study spot!

14. Graduate!!!

You’ve made it! The last thing to cross off your bucket should be to prepare for the bittersweet ending that you worked hard to achieve!

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