The 5 Best Campus Ambassador Programs

Do you want to find a way to gain an exciting introductory experience with a company? Being a campus ambassador for a company is a great way to ease into the advertising, social media, fashion and branding world. There are several ambassador programs for different interests which may align with your own. Closely working with a company through Penn State can also help you build a community with other ambassadors and form friendships with people with the same interests as you. 

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Here are a few exciting campus ambassadorship programs:
Campus Trendsetters

If you love lifestyle and fashion and want to share your passion on campus, Campus Trendsetters might be the perfect ambassadorship for you. Campus Trendsetters sends you products from your favorite companies while letting you give feedback. You will have the opportunity to take part in Q+A panels with industry professionals while unlocking career opportunities through these events. This partnership is excellent for networking and you get to try out fun items during the program.

Parade Friends

Parade Friends is a lingerie and loungewear company that offers high-quality, affordable clothing. The Parade Friends partnership gives their ambassadors early access to product launches, discounts on their apparel and more. You also get to represent their company in style. What is better than that?

Prime Student
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Amazon Prime now offers students the opportunity to represent their brand on campus. With this partnership, you gain valuable skills needed for marketing and sales jobs while making some cash. You will also gain social media, graphic design and event planning experience as a Prime Student ambassador. If you are an avid Amazon user, this is definitely the perfect partnership for you.

Polly on Campus
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Princess Polly is a trendy online clothing boutique that is very popular among Penn State students, so representing the brand can be very rewarding. Through this partnership, you receive 20% off your purchases while earning 5% commission for each sale you make. This is a great introductory partnership that is both fun and easy to maintain.

PINK Campus Ambassador

Being part of the Penn State PINK campus ambassadorship program is both a fun and rewarding experience. With this partnership, you get early access to their new product launches while gaining valuable social media and marketing experience. As a member, you get to build a community and bond with other PINK ambassador members at fun events. If fashion is your passion, being a PINK ambassador is definitely worth it.

Ambassadorships are a great test drive for the influencing and branding industry. If that is what you see yourself doing, giving these programs a try will benefit you in the long run!

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