Irving’s Or Bagel Crust? Let’s Debate.

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When it comes to bagels, there are a million ways to create the perfect weekend morning breakfast. There are always the classics such as a comforting plain bagel with cream cheese or a savory bacon egg and cheese sandwich. If you’re feeling adventurous, spice up your bagel with some jalapeño cheddar cream cheese, or add some lox to make your bagel unique.

Every Sunday, the tough decision to make about where to get that post-game day breakfast at Penn State pops up. Will it be Irving’s or Bagel Crust?

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The hunt to find the ultimate breakfast spot doesn’t stop at bagels. Coffee, smoothies and the bagel shop vibes all play into finding out which cafe is superior at State College. To find out if Penn State Students prefer Irving’s or Bagel Crust after a weekend out, we surveyed them to get to the bottom of it.

To Get a Quick Snack
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Smoothies are a perfect way to refresh after a long weekend, and thankfully both Irving’s and Bagel Crust serve them. According to the survey, 91% preferred a smoothie from Irving’s while only nine percent favored Bagel Crust. Next time you want to start your day with a fresh smoothie, make sure you make your way over to Irving’s.

Vibe Check

Not only do bagel shops need quality breakfast food, but it’s also essential that they provide feel good, cozy cafe vibes. Of course, we had to ask which downtown spot fulfills those expectations, and according to students, Irving’s won again with 83% favoring their atmosphere, as opposed to 17% preferring the Bagel Crust vibes.

To Accompany Your Bagel

The perfect match to a warm bagel in the morning is a delicious coffee. While Irving’s and Bagel Crust both provide a wide variety of coffees, VALLEY had to get to the bottom of finding the best coffee to accompany your bagel. Both cafes serve a wide variety of drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, chais, and just regular brewed coffee. When it comes down to which spot students preferred for their morning coffee, 100% responded with Irving’s.

The Question You’ve Been Waiting For
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We’ve assessed the other factors, now it comes down to which downtown cafe delivers the best bagels. So far, Irving’s has dominated student opinions by preferring their smoothies, cafe vibes, and coffee. When it comes to getting that warm and tasty bagel sandwich you’ve been waiting for all weekend, Irving’s also won with a close vote of 67% and 33% preferring Bagel Crust.

The Final Verdict

There you have it. The next time you and your roommates seem stuck between stopping by Irving’s or Bagel Crust, try out the spot most Penn State students prefer, Irving’s. If you want to switch it up one weekend, try out Bagel Crust and see how they compare.

What is your go-to weekend breakfast spot downtown? Tweet us, @VALLEYmag, and let us know your favorite spot and usual order at Irving’s or Bagel Crust. 


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