Sassy Rap: The Stank Face Culprit

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Everyone knows that rap nowadays has everyone and their mother feeling some type of way. Whether it’s another delayed Kanye release or the newest Gunna hit that takes over TikTok, you can’t deny the impact of rap on the music industry nowadays. Well, not just the music industry, but pop culture in its entirety if we’re being honest. But what’s the one type of rap that stays unmatched? The one that keeps you going in the gym or hyping you up walking to an exam? The one that gives us that stank face that makes us look like we’re smelling something bad? Let us suggest something a little sassy to add to your daily routine.

Now we know you’re all probably thinking: what is sassy rap and why have I never heard of it before? The thing is though that you probably have heard it, you just never knew what to call it.

When you think of sassy rap, think of music that Lil Uzi Vert or Playboi Carti put out. Sure you get a little stank face going when their songs play, but you can’t help but just bop you’re head a little to the fast-paced beats. It almost feels… sassy, if you will. But it’s not just Uzi and Playboi that are putting out music like that because it seems like every artist nowadays is moving away from that hardcore, intense bass drop songs where instead they are just intense in their own distinctive way. Just to name a few to get an idea of what we’re talking about, think of songs like this:

  • The New Workout Plan by Kanye West 
  • Fell In Luv (feat. Bryson Tiller) by Playboi Carti
  • Draco by Future
Photo posted by @liluzivert on Instagram

So while the idea of sassy rap has been around since Kanye’s The College Dropout album and before, we think it’s here to stay in a new way and we have some artists to thank for that. Here are some sassy rap artists on the come up that we think will soon become staples to your Spotify playlists if they aren’t already:

  • Baby Keem
  • Tierra Whack
  • Don Toliver 

These songs and artists alike have taken over soundtracks on shows like “Euphoria” and even the newest thirst-trap trend on TikTok, so it’s safe to say this genre is here to stay. Speaking of thirst traps, VALLEY predicts that sassy rap is the newest addition to what we know and love as the hot-girl aesthetic.

Picture this — it’s a Friday night and you’re getting ready to hit your favorite place to menace at in State College. The makeup is spread across your desk, you spend what feels like hours picking out an outfit when you ultimately end up borrowing a top from your roommate and you’re just ready to feel like a boss again after bombing an econ exam (been there done that). But as we all know, the one thing that we can’t go without when we’re getting ready is the most important part: the music. It sets the tone for the night, and who wouldn’t want to walk into any room feeling like you own the place? That’s what it feels like to listen to sassy rap.

So for your next getting ready ritual or even when you’re at the gym hitting 12-3-30 and need a new soundtrack to your life, here’s a playlist that can do the job and get you on the sassy rap wave:

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