Those TikTok Girls Won a Grammy

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Not so long ago, our for you pages (or maybe just VALLEY’s) were flooded with song renditions from the show “Bridgerton,” leaving us singing “I burn for you” around the house the second half of quarantine. For those of you who aren’t in a tight chokehold by the series, “Bridgerton” is set in the Regency Era in England, and follows a close-knit family as they find love while navigating London high society.

Not only does the show provide steamy romance and soap-esque drama, but it is also known for its unique soundtrack. While it’s completely instrumental, after a few seconds you will soon recognize the modern-day pop songs we all know and love, covered in an entirely new sound. While some may argue the show is perfect as is, leave it to the internet to step in… Why not turn it into a musical?

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After binging the show on Netflix following its first season release, Abigail Barlow took to her Tiktok, which already had a sizable following, and posted the first of many “What if Bridgerton Was a Musical” TikToks. As the minute-long song clips of Barlow singing grew in popularity, she sought help from 19-year-old composer and musician, Emily Bear. Together, the incredibly talented duo took their idea to the next level ultimately creating a 15 song album, “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical.”

The pair released the album purely as a passion project and to provide for the hungry “Bridgerton” fan base they amassed through the entire process. Then, in November 2021 the album was nominated for the 2022 Grammys for best musical theater album. This was a shock to the internet as the women behind the album were known to many simply as “those girls on Tiktok.”

Unbeknownst to them, the pair are both extremely accomplished. Bear has been a piano prodigy since the age of five as well as a renowned composer, honored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Barlow is a singer-songwriter and a founding creator on TikTok, where you can watch her promote her pop-hit “Heartbreak Hotel.” 

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This past Sunday, the duo made their fans proud by taking home the Grammy for the 2022 Best Musical Theater Album. The internet once again proves itself to have joined the big apple as the land of opportunity. While accepting the award, Barlow and Bear thanked not only their families but the fans that stuck with them through the creation process which was documented from start to finish on the internet.

Bear then made sure to clarify that “this is really for all of my fellow female producers, composers and engineers that are still struggling to gain recognition and support for what we do. It’s not that we don’t exist, we do.” Barlow concluded, “and to little girls everywhere if you have a dream, dream really big, chase them and they might just come true, thank you.” This is a huge win for the generation of aspiring internet influencers!

Photo posted by @barlowandbear on Instagram

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