“Bridgerton” Soundtrack: Why the Modern Covers work

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The second season of “Bridgerton” has just hit Netflix, and the ton is buzzing with rave reviews about all of the spectacular angst from this season. One of the major assisting features of this season included its soundtrack, particularly how it continued with classical covers of modern songs.

While some may believe that the covers of modern songs remove a viewer from being immersed, “Bridgerton” has never aimed to be completely period-appropriate. The show is colorful, fun and knows just how to mix traditional with new.

Warning: spoilers for “Bridgerton” season two ahead. 

1. “Stay Away”

Originally by Nirvana, this fast-paced string arrangement follows Anthony Bridgerton as he frantically attempts to find a “suitable” wife. None of the girls that he interviews meet his many expectations and the Viscount is left more frustrated than ever. 

2. “Material Girl”

Kate and Edwina Sharma are THE “it girls” and a force to be reckoned with. The two make their way into London’s high society for the first time dressed to impress at Lady Danbury’s ball. The sisters draw a substantial amount of attention, but also fall to the wayside as their mother’s elopement is the topic of gossip for the night. 

3. “Diamonds”

Queen Charlotte is faced with the pressure to name a Diamond for the season by Lady Whistledown and the rest of the ton. Hosting her own ball, she finally names Edwina Sharma as the season’s Diamond, much to Anthony Bridgerton’s interest.

4. “Dancing On My Own”

Disheartened by Anthony and Kate’s apparent disdain for one another, Edwina convinces her sister to dance with Anthony, hoping it will allow the two of them to grow closer. As the original song says, “now I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her,” which could be reflective of both Edwina and Kate watching the other from afar. 

5. “You Oughta Know”

Anthony and Kate are finding it even more difficult to deny their attraction toward one another. This dramatic number perfectly represents the frustration that both parties feel, caught between duty and passion. As Lady Whistledown’s voiceover says, “the only question is, will the parties in question heed my warning, or is it already too late to turn back to duty and away from desire?”

6. “Kabhi Khushi Khabie Gham”

Edwina, Kate and their mother bond together during a Haldi, or pithi ceremony — a ritual done before wedding ceremonies in India. Kate and their mother spread a turmeric paste on Edwina’s face and body. The Haldi is believed to bless married couples by warding away evil spirits. This scene shows us an important aspect of the Sharma’s culture and also emphasizes the bond of family. 

7. “Sign of the Times”

“Welcome to the final show, I hope you’re wearing your best clothes.” It’s the day of Edwina and Anthony’s wedding and the culmination of weeks worth of stress and anticipation. However, after Anthony helps retrieve Kate’s dropped bracelet, Edwina can’t help but notice the look exchanged between the two and flees the ceremony. 

8. “What About Us”

It’s a GOOD day to like the enemies to lovers trope. Edwina and Anthony’s wedding has been called off, and the guests all leave to take in the lavish decorations arranged by the Queen. Despite the hurt that Edwina feels, she stands up for herself and takes charge of her future by telling Kate and Anthony that she will not marry him. 

9. “How Deep Is Your Love”

Threatening to give the “Wildest Dreams” scene with Daphne and Simon a run for its money, Kate and Anthony have their own outdoor rendezvous to a classical cover of “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris and Disciples. 

10. “Wrecking Ball”

Anthony and Kate have finally reconciled, Lady Featherington has told the Lord Featherington off and Edwina is confidently able to hold her own. Despite all of their resisting, the couple has broken down each other’s walls. 

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