Everything You Need to Know About “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”

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Netflix has recently announced their lineup for all of their new and returning shows in the TUDUM event last weekend, Sept. 24. In this lineup, we got to see all the shows ranging from “Emily in Paris,” “OBX,” and even “Bridgerton” season three. Even though most fans did not get what they expected in the season three sneak peek, they did however receive a surprise — a look into the prequel of Queen Charlotte’s story.

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” is an upcoming limited series that serves as the spin-off to “Bridgerton.” It will be a limited series consisting of only eight episodes and it will highlight the life of Queen Charlotte and how she rose to become the confident, headstrong queen we have seen in the “Bridgerton” series. This series will set to premiere in 2023. Specific details on the date have yet to be announced.

While waiting, many people are raving over the casting and the plot of the series. Queen Charlotte will be portrayed by Golda Roshevuel in the present and actress India Amarteifio will be portraying Charlotte in her younger years. Her love interest, young soon-to-be King George, will be portrayed by Corey Mylchreest. Additional characters such as her friends Lady Danbury and Violet, Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton, will be portrayed in their younger years as Arsema Thomas and Connie Jenkins-Greig respectively.

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The plot is set to revolve around the origin story of Queen Charlotte and her rise and prominence to power, along with her love affair with her soon-to-be King George. No other details on the plot have been announced yet.

There have been many reactions to the long-awaited prequel. Ever since it was announced last year in May 2021 “Bridgerton” fans have been patiently waiting for confirmation and a sneak peek. 

In the clip, we are introduced to Charlotte as a feisty woman that immediately knows what she wants and is intelligent and persistent enough on knowing how to get it. She unknowingly encounters the future King George in the garden, asking for his help. Seemingly amused by this, he banters with her on her pursuit, until revealing who he really is.

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Nonetheless, every fan in the Bridgertonverse is going to receive, not only the third season of “Bridgerton” but a new prequel to add to their list of top favorite shows to binge-watch in the future.

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