The Most Vexing Scandals of “Bridgerton” Season Two

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Dearest VALLEY readers, we find that everyone was understandably anxious over the recent anticipation of the newest season of “Bridgerton.” Fear not, for VALLEY has returned with the juiciest, most scandalous highlights of the marital season where the Viscount has debuted on the market for love. Lady Whistledown finds the ton in hot water (or should we say tea) and the introduction of the Sharma sisters has the town in a bellow of secretive whispers.

Disclaimer: Season Two Spoilers Ahead!

The whole season went bustling in a scandalous fashion. Firstly, Eloise, the second eldest daughter of the Bridgerton clan, made her debut into marital society as she officially (begrudgingly if VALLEY will admit) debuted into society as a debutante. As expected, it appears as though this eccentric Bridgerton does not seem thrilled with the structure of conformity in their society, especially in the role women play. Luckily, Eloise will seem to have another excuse (or should we say distraction?) in her own little story with a certain working-class publications boy.

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However, Eloise isn’t the only one who announced they are looking for a spouse in this new marital season in 19th century London. Viscount Anthony Bridgerton has announced that he is looking for love so he says, but it seems as though he is fixated on the idea of perfection and what is right for the next lady of the house rather than his own personal desires at first.

VALLEY isn’t the only one to come to this conclusion: it seems as though his mother, Violet Bridgerton, has been worried over her son’s choices in finding a new lady of the house. She feels as though his inability to love has stemmed from the sudden death of his father that viewers see this season. This internalized confliction is delved into more deeply this season than the last with the brief mention of the late Viscount.

Nonetheless, the true highlights of the season came from the chemistry between the Sharma family and the Bridgerton family. At the start of the season, it appears as if Anthony is set on Edwina Sharma, despite the supposed drama of their family’s past. He starts to pursue her after she is named the Diamond of the Season. With his eyes set on perfection at the start of the season, this viewer only has concluded that he will marry Edwina, correct? Anthony thought so, too.

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If it weren’t for his budding relationship with the eldest Sharma sister, Kate Sharma, then all his eyes would be on Edwina. Throughout the entire marital season, there has been vexing chemistry forming between the two characters in the form of the classic enemies-to-lovers trope. Viewers get to enjoy the building tension and anticipation of their relationship, the heartaches and the wedding-stopping moments that follow after. 

The chemistry between Kate and Anthony was not the only thing that keep viewers at the edge of their screens — Anthony isn’t the only Bridgerton man that has instances of internalized conflict. We see Benedict pursuing art in more forms than one, perhaps setting up for the renewed season three or four? Collin also seems to be a changed man on the outside since returning from his Grecian escapade at the end of season one, but still seems to have some unfinished business with his past.

Finally, at the end of the last season, it was revealed that Lady Whistledown is Penelope Featherington. Throughout the whole season, the main plotline of Lady Whistledown was centered around Penelope keeping her identity a secret. With the help of secondary characters who discover her identity along the way, her secret seems to be in the clear — that is until the season finale. 

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There were many moments in the finale that led to resolved storylines, broken relationships and a possible setup for season three.

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