How to Have A Proper Girl’s Night: SATC Style

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Whether it was staying in or going out, the women from “Sex and the City” perfected the art of having fun. From fancy soirées to gallery openings or girls-nights in, their nights were far from dull, and their nights out chic and tasteful. Here are some girl’s night ideas straight from “Sex and the City.”

1. Martinis and Dinner
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A great way to catch up with your girlfriends is to go out to a nice restaurant and have a few martinis. Good food, drinks and dress code: classy. At Penn State, there may not be as many options for a New York-styled venue, but if you have a cute fit, don’t be afraid to show it off no matter where you’re going.

2. Salsa Club
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Going clubbing is something the SATC women frequented often. Instead of keeping it casual, try a salsa club to take your clubbing experience to the next level. Feel the rhythm, learn some new moves and let loose.

3. Rent an Airbnb
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Having a little weekend getaway can be a great way to spend quality time with your friends. Whether it be a beach house in the Hamptons or a secluded cabin in the mountains, take some time to get away and destress.

4. Go to the Movies
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Sometimes, life gets overwhelming. Taking the time to plan something can seem tedious. A simple and affordable way to get some girl-time is to meet up and see a movie. It’s a great way to destress while knowing you’ll be entertained.

5. Wine Nights
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The perfect girl-talk setting. Almost every night-in for the SATC women involved wine. Wine and Chinese food, wine and a charcuterie board, wine and whatever the occasion. Invite the girls over for some food and wine, and catch up on the latest male drama.

6. Dinner Party
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If you want something a little more tasteful, go for a dinner party. Get the girls together, cook or get catering, dress nice and enjoy an elegant, tasteful evening.

7. Poker and Beer
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Laidback and casual is sometimes the way to go, what else can we say? Get some board games or card games and invite the ladies over to chat and have some alcoholic beverages with nice competition.

8. Art Gallery
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An art gallery or a museum is another simple and tasteful night outing. You can dress nice, head out for some food, chat over art and just get out on the town. It’s a great way to mingle and maybe even spot an eligible bachelor!

9. Head to the Bar
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Ah, a classic! Sometimes the schedule is tight, but you can spare an hour or two. Head to the bar and catch up over drinks and relax.

10. Junk Food and Conversation
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From candy to popcorn, and ice cream, the SATC women always caught up with a late-night dose of junk food, a movie and good conversation.

11. “Coffee, Eggs and a Dish Session”
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There’s no better time to rehash the night’s events and have a little male storytime than over brunch. Brunch is a great way to dedicate time to the ladies and catch up with some good food.

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