Tame Impala’s Rushium

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Tame Impala is now in America with their new tour named Rushium. After releasing “The Slow Rush” in February 2020, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and company had to cancel the tour due to the coronavirus. But, it was well worth the wait. Their psychedelic-themed concerts involve lots of bright lights, confetti and animations that play while they perform. You might be thinking, “what is Rushium?” To read more about the concerts and the meaning behind their tour, keep reading!

What Is Rushium?

Rushium is a hypothetical drug created by AionWell, an Australian pharmaceutical brand. The hypothetical drug is supposed to slow down time and create a euphoric feeling. The drug isn’t actually real, but Kevin Parker created his tour around the drug. If you go to one of his concerts you will see a blown-up pill bottle. Some have claimed that staff has handed out sugar pills acting like the drug — don’t worry, the drug is not actually real it is just an idea!

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What Are The Concerts Like?

The concerts serve to provide more than just good music, but a dynamic experience. Lights and confetti are used to imitate the effects of psychedelics, and each part of the concert is strategically planned to elevate the pseudo-psychedelic experience throughout the entire two-hour performance. Parker seems more focused on creating a completely interactive experience, choosing to let the visuals and instrumentation take center stage.

Because people have said it’s a psychedelic-based concert, you might be wondering… “do I have to be on psychedelics?” Absolutely not, the concerts are filled with colorful lights and animations that are made for anyone. If you are a fan of Tame Impala, then going completely sober will be just as amazing! Recently, the indie-based band has gotten a lot of hype surrounding their concerts, so if you enjoy some of their songs it might be worth the purchase.

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Tours Near You?

The “Slow Rush Tour” did in fact start back in September of 2021. Parker has hit cities and countries all around the world but has recently been in the U.S. to focus on the states. To check out if he is coming to a venue near you, click on the link to see the dates and places he will be performing at.

Tame Impala has been all over social media including TikTok. Their colorful concerts have sparked interest in all different kinds of people. If you have found a love for Parker’s music or even the bright lights and animations, you should most definitely consider purchasing a ticket to their concert! If you have attended one of their concerts or plan to in the future, let us know your thoughts and tweet us @VALLEYmag.


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