It’s Gym Time

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As dreaded as going to the gym may seem, with some good tips and tricks, it can be something that you look forward to. As sweaty and disgusting you may look after a good workout, what better time to document that you got out of bed and did something today? With that being said, you need a good outfit. Whether it be leggings or shorts, Lululemon offers stylish, durable athleisure clothes perfect for that gym selfie.

Photo posted by @fabletics on Instagram.

But as much as we would love to wear all Lulu all the time, the prices do rack up with leggings going upwards of $98 a pair. That’s why a great alternative is Fabletics. This brand offers a wide variety of workout clothes that are very comparable to infamous Lululemon!

So once you have found yourself an outfit that you feel comfortable in … what are you going to do? The gym can be very intimidating, especially if you go into it not sure of what you want to work on. While there are workout books and plans that are still very popular to use, another recent gym hack has been following people on Instagram who are fit and post videos of their workouts, and saving them or flagging them for you to repeat when you are going to the gym. Some that have been proven to be good and popular are @nattbfitand@mrandmissfitinspo. They have countless workouts for whatever you are trying to improve: abs, butt, arms, shoulders or anything else!

Some people bring a big gym bag to the gym, but sometimes less is more. It is important to have a water bottle or a protein shake while working out because part of having a solid gym routine is being able to eat and drink on a normal basis. Hydro Flasks are popular for the gym, but recently, Lululemon’s water bottle has been a good choice as well.

Both bottles hold a significant amount of water (depending on which size Hydro Flask you purchase) and are easy to carry when going to the gym or going to workout.

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Music is also important for a good workout. Music can help you keep the beat when doing an exercise, or with a good playlist, it can motivate you to push yourself by doing more reps, running a little bit faster or adding on more weight. Popular headphone choices include Apple Airpods and Beats X Earplugs. Both of these options are wireless, which makes it easy to use equipment at the gym without feeling constricted by a cord.

All in all, as much as the gym may sound like an awful time, it is a great way to de-stress and oddly enough, relax. Your gym experience can be fun and enjoyable depending on how you make it. So get out there, it’s gym time.


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