Elevate Your Workout With F45 and Orangetheory-Inspired Routines

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With the rise of coach led and celebrity-endorsed group workouts, fitness studios like F45 and Orangetheory can be enticing to many. These facilities offer dynamic workouts taught by certified instructors who are motivating and often help push you to your limits. Not to mention that studies show working out in groups can be highly beneficial, both for your exercise goals and your endorphins.

The benefits of these popular fitness clubs may seem to outweigh the drawbacks, but the reality is that membership fees are more than most college students can afford, especially when use of Penn State’s gym facilities is included in tuition.

VALLEY is here with some F45 and Orangetheory-inspired workouts that can be completed at home or at a (free) campus gym.

Worried about feeling unmotivated to workout alone? Grab some friends and encourage them to join you to try out some of these routines!

Inspired by Orangetheory

Orangetheory classes incorporate a combination of treadmills, rowers and floor exercises. They’re typically high-intensity and feature interval training during the treadmill portion of the class.

To mimic a classic Orangetheory workout, you’ll want to head to the gym and secure a treadmill, a rower, a medicine ball and dumbbell weights of your choice.

The Workout:


2-minute walk/jog at a comfortable pace

1-minute run (1-2 mph above your comfortable pace)

90-second sprint (1-2 mph above your running pace)

30-second run/walk at a recovery pace

1-minute jog

1-minute run

30-second sprint

30-60-second recovery

(repeat 2x)


Row 150 meters

– 25 medicine ball squats

Row 200 meters

– 20 medicine ball squats

– 15 medicine ball squats with front press

Row 250 meters

– 15 medicine ball squats

– 10 medicine ball squats with front press

– 5 medicine ball squats with overhead press

Row 300 meters

– 20 jumping jacks

– 15 medicine ball squats

– 10 medicine ball squats with front press

– 5 medicine ball squats with overhead press

(repeat x2 in descending increments of 50 meters, starting at 300 meters)


Bicep Curls (6 reps/arm)

Push-ups (8 reps)

Shoulder Press (10 reps)

Tricep Dips on a bench (8 reps)

Sit-ups (6 reps)

(repeat for 15 minutes)

Inspired by F45

F45 workouts focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on cardio-based days and steady weights on strength-based days. Unlike Orangetheory, F45 doesn’t require treadmills and rowers, but instead utilizes more weights and similar equipment.

No F45 workout class is the same, so it’s easy to mix-and-match your favorite moves to create the perfect workout for you!

The Workout:

Circuit 1

Burpees (15 reps)

Reverse lunges (20 reps/leg)

Push-ups (10 reps)

Sit-ups (20 reps)

Tricep Dips (10 reps)

(repeat circuit as many times as possible up to 15 minutes)


Circuit 2

Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)

Lateral Lunges (30 reps/leg)

Bicep Curls (30 reps)

Reverse Sit-ups (20 reps)

Side Plank (30 seconds/side)

(repeat circuit for 15 minutes)

Circuit 3

Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)

Squats (30 reps)

Overhead Shoulder Press (10 reps)

Bicycle Crunches (30 seconds)

Plank (1 minute)

(repeat circuit for 15 minutes)


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