Gasanova: Mom Music to Not Give a F*ck To

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When asked to describe his new album, “Gasanova,” in three words, Yung Gravy replies with “it thumps,” “carefree” and “gas.”  These three words seem to describe a lot about the 24-year old rapper’s life. 

SoundCloud to Superstar

Yung Gravy, whose stage name came from his late-night freestyling sessions as a summer camp counselor, graduated from Wisco with a degree in Marketing in 2017 and never looked back.  He came up on SoundCloud using his own samples and grew in popularity via meme pages on Instagram.  At the beginning of his rap career, he chose to stay anonymous because he had a job lined up that he didn’t want to jeopardize, but wound up revealing himself in the music video for his song “Mr. Clean.”  His career has blown up since then.

Internet Culture Influence

Although at first Gravy was mainly seen as a meme rapper, he describes his own music as “soul,” “trap” and “mom music;” his goal is to help give people confidence.  When asked about the overall message of his music, Gravy replies, “people need to learn to just not give a fuck.” He does this, in part, by incorporating references to the internet culture of his teens into his tracks and staying true to what he knows.  His favorite song of his own is “Always Saucy.”  He was excited to have the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” sample cleared. 

Disco Steez

When it comes to fashion influence, Gravy follows the trends of 20- 50 years ago in a style that he has deemed “disco steez.”  He loves collared disco shirts and tends to not keep up on current trends, following in the style footsteps of Teddy Pendergrass and the like.

Yung Gravy Trivia

Some random facts about Yung Gravy: he is from Minnesota. If he could delete one day of the week it would be Monday. He used to love freestyle skiing until he fell on a rail and broke some of his ribs (ouch!) His favorite fan interaction ever was when a fan proposed during a meet and greet (Gravy was supposed to go to the wedding but his flight was delayed!) He also spent most of the quarantine at his mom’s house working on “Gasanova!”  

Gravy in the Future

As far as future endeavors that we can look forward to from Gravy, he lists collabs with Cody Ko, Noel Miller, and Thundercat.  There are also whisperings two potential shows involving Gravy, one being a “Bachelor” style show that would involve Yung Gravy and various “milfs,” as well as an Eric Andre-style show featuring both Trevor Wallace and Gravy.  VALLEY can’t wait to see these shows become a reality!

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