5 F/W Trends To Actually Embrace

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Each fall as sweaters, boots and scarves start to find their way back into stores, along come new trends with them. Whether they are new styles that seem to stick throughout multiple seasons, like eyelash knit sweaters, or trends that seem to come and go, seasonal looks can be fun to embrace.

This F/W season, you’ll see many new styles hitting the shelves, including classic pieces with a twist, as well as colors and patterns you might not have expected.

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Think of the cape as the poncho’s cool, well-traveled single aunt who does what she wants and somehow always stays classy. Capes are perfect for any winter event that you want to look confident and cute for. They’re the perfect shape for hiding your post-Thanksgiving dinner food baby, but equally as flattering all the time. Consider picking up a neutral-colored cape, like beige or black to make it more of a versatile piece.

Tiny Bags
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Great bags come in all shapes and sizes but this fall, the best bags are especially tiny. A trend that started earlier this summer, teeny tiny bags that fit only the essentials (lip gloss, credit card, gum) are still in style as it gets colder outside. Miniature bags are a surprisingly functional staple piece, as they fit just what you need for a night out or a holiday party and complement any outfit without overpowering it.

Knee-High Boots
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Move over cowboy boots, there’s a new sheriff in town. Heading into fall, cowboy boots and western styles were making a comeback. However, through mid-fall and into winter, expect to see knee-high boots in every store. Paired perfectly with a long-sleeved dress or jeans and a sweater, knee high boots — especially those in fun patterns like snakeskin — are a great way to take on one of this season’s hottest trends.

Millenial Purple
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You’re probably used to incorporating purple into your spring and summer wardrobe, but don’t discriminate against it in the fall. Ever since Pantone named “Ultra Violet” — a vibrant shade of purple — their 2018 color of the year, this flirty hue has been on every designer’s mind. Branching out from earth-toned neutrals is just what this season needs, and millennial purple is here to help. Try incorporating purple into your New Year’s Eve ensemble, as it embodies luxury, power and ambition, three characteristics you might be seeking heading into the new year.

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Moody florals are totally in this year. Another trend traditionally seen in spring and summer-wear, you can now find florals alongside typical cold-weather patterns like plaid and animal print. Floral patterns with deeper, bolder colors allow for a piece to avoid being too springy and instead give off a cool, moody vibe.


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