A Boo-tiful Halloween

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As if this semester doesn’t already feel like it’s flying by, things really get scary in a few weeks. It’s spooky season, ladies and gentlemen — it is officially Halloween. For one night, you can dress up as a princess, a clown or even a hot dog and people will (most likely) not judge you.

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With many new shows and trends, this year is a whole new playing field in terms of costumes. Shows and movies released in 2019 introduced a lot of bold characters who could be fun to recreate! In the past, safe Halloween costume choices included a bunny, a cat or some type of athlete, but this year try to stand out!

Get a group of girls or guys and do a group costume. For girls, you could dress up as the Spice Girls. I mean who wouldn’t wannabe them? Guys, try dressing up as the Backstreet Boys — pull out your gel and jean jackets! There are a lot of cute costumes for couples as well. Do something simple like salt and pepper, or take it up a notch with Danny and Sandy from Grease! Working with your friends to create a cute costume can be crucial, because as well all know, a huge part of Halloween these days is the witty Instagram post!

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New releases like Euphoria, Game of Thrones and Stranger Things offer great opportunities for you to channel your inner actor or actress and play the part of a character from your favorite show. The makeup used on Hunter Schafer’s character in Euphoria, Jules, was something that will leave everyone in awe — recreate it!

Why buy items that you know you will wear once and toss in the back of your closet until the day you finally decide to declutter? There are so many Halloween accessories that can be made with everyday objects. So, when your friends text you about a costume party at 10 p.m., don’t make the trip to the Halloween store. Wrap yourself up with some toilet paper and go as a mummy, or wear all red, put an S on your stomach and go as a Skittle. Halloween can be whatever you want it to be!

This is your time to try new things. Put on flair jeans, temporarily dye your hair blue or go crazy with face paint.

Whether you’re Eleven from Stranger Things, or Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls, pull out your best ideas this year.


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