Halloween Dos and Don’ts

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With Halloween night just a few days away, costume stress levels are high and excitement is building up for everyone’s ensemble reveal. The topic of conversation is what night people are deciding to dress up, and what will be the best costume. You only get this opportunity once a year, so make sure you don’t mess up and have to wait 365 days to redeem yourself.

Don’t Be Basic

The number one rule when brainstorming this year’s costume is to remember not to be basic. No one wants to see another vampire, devil or nurse just like every other year. The original costumes are always the talk of the next day.

Don’t Wait until the Last Minute

Getting ready for Halloween is chaotic enough, you don’t want to be running around at the last minute pulling together your costume or even just deciding what to be. Make sure you plan in advance so you can take your time getting ready and have time to take pictures with you friends.

Do Find a Costume Buddy

Some of the best costumes can only be pulled off in a duo. There’s no Marilyn without Michael, right? Make sure you agree on your costume with either one person or even a whole group, and then figure out the best way to make the costumes come to life. You don’t have to have a significant other for your other half on Halloween night, just a bestie by your side.

Do Keep it Simple

Less is definitely more when it comes to many costumes. Key staple pieces pull together the perfect outfit and this way it doesn’t look like your costume is overdone. Changing up your hair style or makeup routine for the night can also make all the difference.

Do Be Creative

Kylie Jenner’s remake of Christina Aguilera’s “Diirty” look is known as one of the most creative costumes in the last couple years because of its originality. Most of us forgot about this look in general until Kylie brought it back in 2016. Mimic Kylie and think outside the box — sometimes old music videos and underrated movies are the best inspo.

Do Use This as an Opportunity for Adventurous Makeup

Some of the outlandish makeup looks that you’ve been wanting to try out or maybe didn’t have the confidence to do so, are now acceptable on Halloween. Nothing is off limits, including these looks by makeup artist James Charles on cosmetics queen, Kylie Jenner.

On the night where you can be whatever you want, who will you be?


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