Best of Halloween Makeup Tutorials

No one likes putting a costume together and hearing the words, “What are you supposed to be?” If you’ve had to deal with this dreaded comment this Halloween season – and we’ve all been there before – it may be time to step up your costume game. Halloween is the one night a year that it’s socially acceptable, and actually encouraged, for you to wear ‘too much makeup.’

Costume makeup especially proves to be no easy task for some, but VALLEY has pulled together five makeup tutorials, from beginner to expert, to bring costumes from a classic cat to Pennywise from “It” to the next level.


This first video by Jesse Martinez features four simple looks that are easy to follow, but still enough to take this year’s costume to the next level. These looks – a cat, a clown, a glitter mask and a werewolf – are the perfect addition to an elaborate costume or work to kick your all-black weekend ensemble up a notch.

Wednesday Addams is an all-time classic Halloween icon. This tutorial by Kayla Hagey features a makeup look to accompany Wednesday’s classic black dress and white collar. The makeup look can be paired with pigtail braids and an outfit similar to Kayla’s, for a killer low-maintenance costume.


NikkiTutorials posted this iconic “bat eye” look to her YouTube channel during a series she named “Halloweek.” Although this may look challenging, she breaks down each step for the viewer to make this DIY as easy as possible. One great thing about this look is how versatile the eyeshadow colors and styles can be. While Nikki pairs her bat eye with some red-orange shadow, there is an endless amount of ways to make it your own. This look can be paired with an easy all-black ensemble for a more low-key Halloween look, or it can be paired with a Batwoman or Batman costume to take these basic superhero costumes to the next level.

Expert Tutorials

This tutorial is one of the most challenging of the bunch. James Charles makes applying this complex makeup look seem simple – all without really walking through every step in detail. This colorful skull is definitely a tutorial for someone who has had a lot of experience with applying their own makeup. Anyone attempting to recreate this look should have a solid knowledge of their face-shape, so that the skull is as realistic as possible.

This challenging look, totally rocked by Kylie Jenner, can be worn with a skeleton dress to continue on with the undead vibe or can be worn with all black to let the makeup become a costume of its own.

James Charles has always been known for his over-the-top looks, and this Pennywise tutorial is no exception. The look is very elaborate and features a lot of really challenging application techniques. It is  challenging, but extremely creative – a Halloween costume that everyone is bound to recognize. It’s a glam version of something super scary – just in time for “spooky season!”

Happy Valloween!


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