From Coachella to Your Closet: Getting Ready for Movin’ On 2014

Florio.DaisyTrendGreat music, cool clothes and good times. Mix ‘em all together with sweat and spilled beer and there you have it – Coachella 2014.

Or should we say Movin’ On 2014?

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Movin’ On is Penn State’s annual spring music festival held free of charge for students and guests, boasting A$AP Rocky as its headliner this year with Fitz and the Tantrums, Aloe Blacc, Sky Ferriera and Air Dubai rounding out the lineup.

While you probably won’t catch Leonardo DiCaprio breaking a leg on the dance floor or the Knowles sisters performing a sister act on stage (maybe getting Blue Ivy to make an appearance would be more reasonable), bringing that Coachella magic here to State College can be as easy as dressing the part, because let’s be honest – the best thing about music festivals is the fashion.

Keep Your Head Up

Festival style is all in the details, and what better place to start than from the top? (Unless you’re Drake, of course.)

You can play it cool with a hat – a fedora or a floppy number will look chic and not eek, just as long as you stay out of Pharrell territory – which isn’t only a cute topper, but also great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and keeping windblown hair at bay.

Manager of Urban Outfitters on College Ave., Laura Kerpovich also suggests adding a flower headband to your festival-friendly look.

“Flower headbands are being featured a lot right now,” says Kerpovich. “You can wear it around your forehead or wrap it around a bun for a different look.”

The Whole Package

At Coachella you can let it all hang out or leave a little to the imagination, and for Movin’ On the choice is up to you. To dress down your festival attire, Kerpovich recommends you pair a crazy top with cheeky shorts, throwing on a light over-sized sweater to ground the look.

However, if you’re looking to take a walk on the wild side, the options are endless. Play up your look with fringe, crochet, leather and anything cropped.

“Crop tops are big year-round, but especially in the summer,” says Kerpovich. Bonus points go to mixing and matching playful patterns, whether you’re more of a flannel and florals gal or a paisley and polka-dots diva.

A maxi skirt is another great way to introduce some free-spirited flare to your outfit, keeping you covered whether you’re kicking it in the grass or tossing a Frisbee with friends. When it comes to finding the perfect complement to your maxi, Kerpovich suggests a basic tee or tank can do just the trick.

“You can wear a high-waisted maxi or a mid-rise skirt with a shirt that you knotted either in the front or off to the side,” she says. “A plain t-shirt is a simple buy you can do a lot with.”

Fancy Footwork

You don’t want to spend your day worrying about what’s on your feet, so take a hint from the ladies of Coachella and sport a pair of sturdy shoes for Movin’ On this year.

A cute pair of booties will add a touch of edge to your outfit while also keeping you comfy, and according to Kerpovich a pair of Converses or Toms are also cool alternatives. When it comes to wearing sandals though, you’re going to want something sturdy and strappy.

“You don’t want a pair of shoes that are going to fall off,” says Kerpovich.

What are some of your festival go-to’s when you’re getting ready to rock? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Sam Florio


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