The Importance of Having a Daily Planner

In the digital age, it can be convincing to log your daily to-do list in an online platform. Most college students will type their to-do list on their phones or laptops, checking things off as they go. However, studies show that writing tasks down on paper can help you recall and remember information better.

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If you didn’t already know by now, time management in college is everything. It is a crucial skill that all college students learn through maintaining a busy academic and social life. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix to ease the heavy stressors of life as a college student: a daily planner!

Planners are proven to help you stay organized and prepared for your daily routine. If you are looking to stay on track in 2020, investing in a daily planner can help make this year your most organized yet! Your planner should be composed of two different things, which are pretty unique:

  1. Your planner should fit your lifestyle! For example, if you are a time-oriented person who loves to lay out your schedule for the day, you should consider a time-slot planner. Time-slot planners will help you lay out your day in the most convenient way possible. 
  2. Your planner should fit your aesthetic! If you love an elegant and simple look, you should invest in a planner with the same idea. Think of different prints you love, like floral, polka dots, stripes, etc.
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Still not sure what planner to purchase for your busy lifestyle? Here are four unique and adorable planners to fit any price range:

1. For The Lilly Pulitzer Lover on a College Student Budget ($10.95)
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This planner is a perfect dupe for the coveted Lilly Pulitzer planner! This planner is an ideal size for those with big handwriting, and also includes a cute bookmark and 175 sticky notes. How could you go wrong? 

2. For Those Who Want More Than Just a Daily Planner ($54)
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This planner is perfect for those who are looking for more than just a typical day-by-day planner. The “Day Designer” planner includes self-assessment tests, goal-setting and cute stickers to spice things up! It is on the more expensive end, but it will definitely keep you motivated throughout 2020.

3. For Those Who Want a Trendy Planner ($24)
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This is the ideal planner for those who want everything they own to fit their aesthetic. Available in three different styles, this planner is perfect for those who are looking for an adorable addition to their desks. Along with major fashionista vibes, this planner also includes tons of space to keep track of your busy days!

4. For Those With Extra Large Handwriting ($25.50)
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For all the people out there with big handwriting: no need to freak out! Blue Sky is known for producing planners with just the right amount of space for those with bigger handwriting. Along with the extra space, Blue Sky planners can be personalized to match your idea of the perfect planner! How cool is that?



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