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After what seemed like months and months of sweating, it is finally fall. Pull out the spooky decorations, pumpkin spice candles and seasonal drinks, because although it’s only October, fall seems to go by in the blink of an eye.

With the changing seasons comes a lot of opportunities. Between getting prepared to schedule classes for next semester to securing housing for the next year and everything in between, this is also the time to switch up your wardrobe. It’s time to put away the flip flops and bathing suits and start creating some fall-inspired outfits for not only weekend activities, but for class too.

Fall staples in almost any closet include scarfs, sweaters and boots: three essential items that show you have your finger on the pulse of fall fashion.

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Leggings, sweater and boots feel free to throw a scarf in there too. Pairing leggings with fancier pieces is an easy and comfortable way to make yourself look a lot more put together than you actually are. With tons of colors, patterns and styles, they will keep you warm in the months leading to winter but won’t feel like snow pants for when Mother Nature throws us a curveball mid-October. Sweaters give off the vibe that you are very put together and took a lot of time picking out an outfit, but in reality, it’s a simple and easy top that still allows you to curl up on the couch in a comfortable manner. If you are feeling extra fall, add a scarf into the mix. Whether it be a thin-weaved scarf focused on adding color or a pattern, or an extra chunky one for extra cold days, scarves are easy and bring the vibe of a typical fall girl, without being too basic.


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This outfit idea is something more typical of a college student. Start with a pair of joggers go for fall-inspired colors to add something different. Having recently become more popular, joggers look great paired with an oversized shirt. A pair of joggers, an oversized T-shirt and a cute sweater thrown over top lets you live and learn comfortably, but allows you to look a little more put together than you would in a traditional pair of sweats.

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For this last fall-inspired look, introduce a classic staple to your outfit line-up a denim jacket. Popular brands like Urban Outfitters, Levis and even Forever 21 make it super simple to find jean jackets of all washes and styles that will spice up any outfit. Thethickness of the denim allows you to be warm in the morning when temperatures are low, but not too hot by mid-day when the sun is shining.

Whichever path your sense of fashion and personal taste leads you down, try switch up your style with the weather change. The possibilities to look put together and comfortable are endless, whether you’re in class or at the pumpkin patch.

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