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Youtube will always have the answers to your questions. If you need help with anything, there’s probably a YouTube video explaining the solution step by step. While it’s very easy to get lost on the weird side of YouTube, there will always be those channels that you find yourself going back to. No matter what genre of video is your favorite, YouTube has a niche just for you. Below, VALLEY has provided a list of the best channels for any type of YouTube endeavors.  


Jackie Aina’s channel with more than 3.2 million subscribers is a makeup lover’s heaven. Aina creates makeup tutorials for specific events, reviews for new makeup launches and rundowns of her favorite and least favorite beauty products. As a woman of color, Aina, specifically Nigerian-American, advocates for diversity in the beauty industry. She praises companies that provide a broad range of colors for foundations, concealers, lipsticks, blush and more. Check out her channel of all your beauty questions!


You may have first discovered John Green’s videos back in middle school as you frantically tried to learn about Manifest Destiny before your test. Author John Green’s channel, Crash Course, offers educational videos that tell you everything you need to know in roughly 15 minutes. The comical cartoons and graphics help tell a story rather than just reciting boring facts. His channel offers videos about the Harlem Renaissance, entrepreneurialism, Shakespeare, biomedical engineering and so much more. With 1,173 videos, we’re sure Crash Course will have what you need to ace your classes this semester.


The Stay at Home Chef, run by Rachel Farnsworth, is perfect for any home chefs. Whether that’s at home for your family or here at school for you and your roommates, these videos offer recipes for home simple home-cooked meals that chefs of any level of experience can dish out. Farnsworth posts three new recipes a week with favorites such as homemade waffles, crispy fried chicken and fluffy scrambled eggs. If you’re feeling more adventurous, check out her videos about grilled chicken lemon kabobs, creamy cheddar parmesan polenta or grabbed stuffed mushrooms! Each video is under 10 minutes and has the complete step-by-step recipe in the description.


Katie Dunlop uses her channel Love Sweat Fitness to advocate and promote healthy fitness and eating habits. Dunlop herself lost 45 pounds and drastically changed her way of life. If you’re looking for more of a lifestyle change than just a work out routine, Love Sweat Fitness has meal prep tutorials, 5-minute at-home workouts and tips for healthily losing unwanted weight.

College Lifestyle

For many of us college students, we find comfort in knowing that our peers also experience highs-and-lows. Danielle Marie Carolan, a junior at the University of Georgia, provides her audience with creative videos about the truth about college life. She offers advice on how to prepare for college as well as how to succeed and balance school and fun while you’re there. Her bubbly personality will draw you back to her videos about sorority life, outfit inspiration and plenty of “week-in-my-life” vlogs.  

Family Vlog

Definitely a lesser-known channel, with 288 thousand subscribers, Five Two Love gives you a baby fix three days a week. Well, a baby fix times five! The Scott Family, who live in Southern Utah, have two sons, Shayden and Landon, and quintuplets Lily, Violet, Daisy, Lincoln and Logan. The Scott family vlogs invite viewers to watch the quints grow and play while including family/parenting tips and advice along the way.



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