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The word “documentary” means something different to everyone. For some, it equates to boredom. For others, documentaries are the best form of entertainment. However, it is undeniable that documentaries teach valuable lessons. Whether you’re into them or not, here’s a list of some documentaries that will keep all viewers entertained and educated.

City of Ghosts

This documentary gives viewers a raw look at life inside Raqqa, the Syrian city that headquarters ISIS. It follows a group of men who run social media pages called “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.” This group gets footage and information from inside of Raqqa in order to show the world the circumstances that these people are being forced to live under.

Blue Planet

“Blue Planet” is a nature documentary that explores the oceans in unbelievable high-definition. Narrated by David Attenborough, this documentary will relax you as well as put you in awe of the earth we live on and the depths of the sea.

Three Identical Strangers

The plot of this documentary has so many twists and turns that it actually seems scripted. “Three Identical Strangers” explores the life of three identical twins who did not know they were related until college. In fact, they did not even know that they had siblings. After the triplets are reunited, their lives only get more complicated as questions about their adoptions and upbringings arise.

Under The Sun

“Under The Sun” gives viewers a restrictive peek into a place seemingly untouched by the modern world: North Korea. The creators of the documentary are given strict guidelines as to what to film and how to film it, and the family they follow was hand-picked by the North Korean government. It showcases the dilapidation and eerie society forced upon North Koreans and brings the nation to life.

Exporting Raymond

This documentary follows Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” to Russia as they attempt to adapt a Russian version of the show. This documentary is not only hysterical but also extremely educational. It teaches viewers the importance of culture as well as putting differences between nations into perspective and showing us that deep down, we are truly all the same.

On The Way To School

“On The Way To School” follows children from all around the world and their journey with education. It puts into perspective the importance of education and access as well as the inequality around the globe. This documentary is great to watch in college because it will truly emphasize the advantages that living in a free, educated country brings.

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