Why Plants in Your Home are Essential

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Everyone has spent plenty of time sitting in their room due to quarantine. This might have led to repainting, redecorating or reorganizing. There is one thing that people might not think of — plants.

Although this is not a new idea, it is something many people overlook when decorating their living space. Plants have many benefits that are not talked about enough!

They not only boost the aesthetic but plants can help improve air quality. Plants will take in the carbon dioxide humans breathe out and provide more oxygen. NASA research reports that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. Plus, plants release small amounts of water vapor into the air, increasing humidity and helping with dryness.

In addition to making the air quality better, plants can boost productivity. Many claim that people are more likely to take care of themselves and get things done if they have something to care for. It is similar to why many people get a pet, but with much less responsibility.

If plants still seem somewhat intimidating, VALLEY is here with a list of popular types of plants and helpful information.  

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Monstera has become quite the trendy plant online, as its leaf shape is unique and recognizable. Originating from tropical forests, where it hides under a shade of big trees, this plant can easily boost a room’s aesthetic and make a space more interesting.

Little maintenance required! Although this plant might look somewhat intimidating, it is simple to take care of. This is great for those with a busy schedule because all it requires is water once a week and keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Devil’s Ivy
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Devil’s Ivy coined its name from being difficult to kill and invasive when outdoors. For an indoor plant, it is great for beginners and those who appreciate the look of ivy or vines. Easy to decorate, this plant can be manipulated in various ways whether it’s hanging down or wrapped around other decor.

The plant only needs to be watered every so often, as long as the soil stays damp but is not soaked. As long as it’s not in direct sunlight or complete darkness, it will be good to go!

Christmas Cactus
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Christmas Cactus is a type of succulent. Succulents look great hung in hanging pots or just placed around a room. Famous for their low maintenance, these plants are quite easy to take care — only needing a somewhat sandy soil, water once a week and indirect sunlight.

Christmas Cactus provide a pop of color for those who are looking for something more floral and long-lasting. The care regimen for succulents and other plants can differ throughout the season, which is something to look into when obtaining specific ones.

Air Plants
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Air plants are unique amongst other plants as they don’t require soil! There is a multitude of species, providing all different types of looks for a variety of aesthetics. One way to incorporate air plants into your room is by hanging them.

Easy to take care of, these plants only need a spritz of water every once in a while to live. It’s important to note, air plants vary and some forms allow blooming while others remain a typical green.

Interested in adding one these plants to your space? They can easily be found on Etsy, Lowe’s, or at your local plant nursery. Always remember to make sure which type of species you’re purchasing if you have one exact look in mind.

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