Apartment Gardens to Extend the Greenery of Summer

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Just because summer is officially over and the color orange is seemingly taking over everywhere you look, it does not mean that green has to be completely out of your life. Green thumbs alike unite, because this fall, we are extending the green of summer into apartment-friendly gardens.

Even though most of us are living in places with not much extra space to spare and a less than the extensive gardening kit — upcycling is the perfect way to create a budget and layout friendly plant pad. 

So what are the basics that go into making the perfect green space in your home this semester? For starters, three simple items; dirt, pots and seeds should do the trick. Now of course you could head to your neighborhood Lowes and grab a fully grown plant in a not-so-cute pot, or you can take full creative reign to make your garden truly personalized. 

VALLEY recommends heading to local nurseries in the State College area like Wheatfield , Hilltop Hollow or Fox Hill Gardens for purchasing your plants and soil.

These nurseries each offer a wide array of seeds, bulbs, or properly cared for adult plants that are sure to bring some life into your apartment. 

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What plant to get

While experts at plant nurseries will be able to give you great recommendations, VALLEY has a few tips for selecting the easiest to take care of plants that thrive in small spaces.

For plants that do not require much light, cacti or snake plants will add pops of green to dimly lit corners. If your apartment lacks floor space, golden vines and spider plants grow in hanging baskets and give mega bohemian vibes to any room. If you are missing the summery taste of freshly grown produce, turn a windowsill into a mini herb garden with your most-used flavors. 

New and improved pots

So you selected your perfect array of apartment-friendly plants, now what? While rehoming a plant into store-bought planters is always an acceptable option, why not upcycle containers into aesthetic DIY pots?

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Glass sauce and food jars that would normally be thrown into the recyclable bin can be turned into clear or painted pots perfect for your herb garden.

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For your hanging vines, macrame your own plant holder to dupe trendy ones sold at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. This is a great way to get crafty as well as a cheaper alternative one might find through a store.

16 DIY planters to spruce up your garden | Backyard diy projects, Diy  planters, Diy backyard
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The sidewalks of State College are almost always littered with curbside furniture, so why not upcycle a piece into a rustic planter?

No matter how you hack your indoor garden, the plants are sure to relieve stress, increase productivity, and improve air quality.

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