Five Ideas for a Trendy Apartment

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When trying to move into your apartment, it feels like there are a million other things going on around you. Between trying to figure out your new schedule and the relentless sylly week, it can be easy to slap a poster up on a wall, string up some lights and call it home. Don’t let the new semester get the best of you — VALLEY has five trends to keep your apartment stylish and trendy.

Collage Walls

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If a wall packed with Natty Light boxes is the first thing you think of when it comes to making a wall collage, don’t let that deter you from this idea. Creating a wall filled with artsy pictures is a great way to get rid of blank wall space while also functioning as the perfect spot for taking a cute picture. The Tezza Collage Kit makes this easy with 150 prints to turn your wall into a work of art. Add your own touch with items like concert and game day tickets, polaroids and drawings.

Unique Shelves

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Unique storage units are a great way to turn your average shelf into something cute and stylish. From triangles, to crescent moons, to divided circles, there are shapes to fit anyone’s taste. By adding one of these to your room, you’re able to show off all of your tiny decorations in a way that is both organized and artistic.

Beauty Trays

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These trays are essential to beauty lovers—our perfumes cost too much to be locked away in a tiny cabinet or drawer. Having a unique tray set up in your room or bathroom gives you easy access to your favorite products, while making them a part of your decor. Your favorite lipsticks, perfumes and skincare products make great items for these trays while showing off your own personal style.

Woven Wall Art

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Having a woven tapestry piece can bring a calming and down-to-earth vibe to any room. They’re simple enough to be paired beside some plants or other decorations while still making their own subtle statement. Becoming more popular this year, they prove to be the perfect addition to any bland apartment.

High End Candles

While everyone loves a good Yankee Candle (Apple spice? Yes please!), VALLEY has a couple of new, fashionable candles to try out. Diptyque candles are a trendy addition to any set up. These candles look as amazing as they smell, and for an added bonus they make cute cups for holding beauty products like cotton swabs and bobby pins once they’ve melted. VALLEY also suggests Le Labo, BYREDO and ANINE BING as other beautiful options for your room.

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