Interior Design Your Apartment This Semester

Are you wishing you were in a NYC apartment with an incredible view instead of your State College apartment with a view of downtown this semester? VALLEY is here to offer useful tips to make sure you feel like you’re still in a hotel this year — maybe minus the view.

Because you’re in your new living space for such a short time, no one wants to spend a fortune on nice furniture or redesigning their entire apartment. It’s the little things that make all the difference in making your place nice and cozy.

Accent Tables

A small geometric accent table can make your living room go from cute to chic in an instant. Put a couple of your favorite books, magazines or even a lamp, on the table next to your sofa and watch your sofa shine.

Framed Plants

Thank God for framed plants and command strips because most landlords won’t allow you to paint walls in your temporary home. For those who don’t have a green thumb, framed plants make the perfect wall decor with no need for watering.

A Dash of Red

Perfect for the fall, red hues are in and they will add personality to your room. Try replacing your sofa cushions, curtains, kitchen stools or rugs with red ones, and see fall sweep into your home. Ditch the brass and embrace rose gold instead, especially in your kitchen. There’s no need to throw out your silver blender and toaster, just match them with rose gold kitchen utensils.

Shaped Mirrors

Everyone loves a good mirror and needs one for their room. Shaped mirrors are in and here to stay! Place a circular shaped mirror in your room and a rectangular one in your living room. You can never have too many mirrors.

Spray Paint

Most people don’t want to go out and purchase too many new things because they have no where to put them once they move out. If you relate to this, spray paint will be your best friend. Spray paints, especially matte black and metallic colors, are currently trending.  Turn your old, run down furniture or decorations into brand new ones with a simple $9 bottle of spray paint.

You can also visit your local consignment shop and check for decorations there! Give your new place that vintage feel you’ve been searching for. Check out a HomeGoods by you for affordable upgrades.


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