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Vintage, mid-century modern, the 70s…. all the right kinds of style you’d want in your home. Architectural Digest is the most popular architectural, design and style publication. If you are unfamiliar with Architectural Digest‘s Open Door tours, don’t worry, VALLEY wants to take you through some of the most one-of-a-kind, iconic celebrity home tours.

Emma Chamberlain’s Sun-Drenched LA Home

Emma Chamberlain’s house is a perfect reflection of who she is. The house, built in 1955, is designed with a sort of quirky, mid-century modern, beachy and earthy feeling. Chamberlain said she really wanted to create a place with personality and comfort. Her house looks like an art exhibit, but knowing her love for art — especially because her dad is a painter — this is no surprise to us. The biggest things that stand out in her home are her kitchen and dining room. Her kitchen is washed with soothing tones of green and a huge skylight in the ceiling. It also features a built-in coffee station (of course). Her dining room is adorned with a huge, green chain-like chandelier. Though there has been some debate over people’s opinions of the lighting fixture, we think it fits Chamberlain and her house perfectly.

David Harbour’s Dreamy New York Loft

Stranger Things star, David Harbour, astonishingly has one of the most amazing Open Door tours VALLEY has ever seen. The home was designed with classic and vintage New York style in mind, all while keeping things modern enough for Harbour’s day-to-day life. The one-bedroom apartment was completely renovated and ripped down to its roots. By far, the two best things in his apartment are the bathroom and the bookshelf wall. Harbour’s bathroom, complete with a tub and shower, was remodeled with lusty deep blue tiles, brass features, an elegant chandelier and an arched ceiling. It is the most original bathroom we have ever seen. And the bookshelf wall is lined with plants, little knick-knacks, hundreds of books and its own rolling ladder that glides back and forth in the hallway. (We are SO jealous!)

Dakota Johnson’s Cozy Mid-Century Modern Home

If anyone made the green kitchen iconic — it was Dakota Johnson. Her house is the perfect definition of mid-century modern. Rustic wooden colors, deep oranges, greens and creamy beiges set the tone of her house. Her living room features an amazing record collection and record player and also a ginormous glass door that lets in amazing natural light and leads you out to her pool. Some art deco pieces are placed around the house, including the light that hangs above her dining room table. But by far our favorite part of Johnson’s house is her kitchen. When this Arch Digest Open Door tour came out, her kitchen went viral. Her green-painted cabinets contrast the bright white backsplash so beautifully, while a large rug pulls the whole space together. No doubt that Emma Chamberlain gathered inspiration for her own kitchen from Johnson’s.

These are just glimpses into these show-stopping homes. If you want to watch the full Open Door tours, definitely check them out on Architectural Digest‘s Youtube account — plus any other celebrity homes you are dying to see!

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