Salúd Juicery — Your New Açaí Go-To

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Salúd Juicery, a Pittsburgh based smoothie, juice and açaí bowl joint, just opened a brand new location in State College. Located on 109 S. Fraser St., it’s just a short walk off campus. Salúd is a delicious and healthy alternative to some other options on campus. They have multiple locations in Pittsburgh and are expanding quickly!

On Salúd’s website their mission statement is, “our passion is providing healing and wellness support that enable you to incorporate balanced lifestyle and dietary choices to be your best self: mind, body and spirit.”

The atmosphere in the State College store is really buzzing and making it’s name at Penn State.

VALLEY went to Salúd to see what all the buzz was about. The menu has a lot of variety, from health shots and juices to smoothies and açaí bowls — there is an option for everyone no matter how picky you are.

The first thing on the menu was a juice called “Jane Good’all,” which contains strawberries, peaches, bananas, oranges and coconut water. It is a very fruity juice, and it has a super refreshing feeling as it goes down. It’s also made entirely with fresh fruit! Definitely very sweet from the natural sugars, it will make you feel energized after drinking it.

They also serve shots at Salúd … the health kind! Their most popular shot is the solar ray, which is a mixture of lemon and ginger, with cayenne and turmeric sprinkled on top for an added kick. It’s a smaller scale of a lemon-cayenne detox. Lemon, ginger and cayenne are proven to have many health benefits, promoting weight loss.

With the potent taste of lemon, ginger and a kick of cayenne, this will be sure to wake you up in the morning, and it’s not a bad way to start the day.

Their most popular smoothie by far is the “Green Anna Bread” smoothie, which contains spinach, almonds, oats, bananas, plant-based protein with dark chocolate and flax topping. The mixture of all the ingredients really makes it taste like a to-die-for banana bread. With health benefits from the spinach and protein added in, of course!

Finally, the most popular açaí bowl, the “P-Bee Bowl” has acai, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, cashews, dates, peanuts and bee pollen, with agave, granola and chocolate on top. This bowl mixes fruity and nutty flavors and is the perfect combination of the two. The bowls are a decent size and can act as a meal, as they are super filling and delicious.

So now that you have a peak at what Salud is all about, check it out for yourself! The restaurant has a very cool, modern atmosphere to it as well. Its a nice place to grab breakfast or a snack with friends on the way to class, or when you have more time on the weekends.


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