Here Comes The Sun: How to Enjoy Spring at State College

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There’s truly no serotonin boost like the start of spring in State College. Almost overnight, the snow melts, the flowers bloom and Happy Valley comes back to life. And now that April is almost upon us, Penn Staters can *finally* hang up their puffer jackets and soak up the spring sun!

Looking for ways to make the most out of the warmer weather? Take advantage of your last month in State College by checking these off your Penn State spring bucket list!

Go to the Arboretum
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What better way to welcome in spring than by taking a trip to Happy Valley’s prettiest gardens? There’s so much to explore at the Penn State Arboretum, from a bird sanctuary to a rose garden to a lotus pool! Plus, the arboretum is only a short walk from campus. So, on State College’s next sunny day, grab your friends for a picnic, a photoshoot or just some sightseeing in the gardens!

Hang Out On HUB Lawn

On the first warm, sunny day after a harsh State College winter, students annually gather on the HUB lawn and enjoy the beautiful weather. You haven’t truly celebrated spring until you’ve spent an afternoon on the lawn, whether it be relaxing in the sun or playing frisbee with friends. Need some HUB lawn activity inspo? Watch this video from just a few weeks ago, when Penn Staters fled to the lawn for the first nice day in March.

Eat Ice Cream Outside of the Creamery
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Creamery ice cream is always a go-to, but the cold treat tends to taste a little better when you aren’t already freezing. As it warms up at Penn State, be sure to stop by the Berkey Creamery and enjoy an ice cream cone outside. The Creamery has a lot of outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the outdoors and treat yourself!

Climb Mount Nittany
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Central Pennsylvania is a great place to explore nature, and Mount Nittany is no exception. The popular hiking trail is a ten-minute drive off-campus, so you can climb Mount Nittany without taking too much of a road trip. The mountain includes 800 acres and eight miles of trails. You won’t regret hiking Mount Nittany on the next beautiful spring day!

Go On a Hot Girl Run

Looking for a way to exercise but also have a main-character moment? Go on a hot girl run! Yes, you heard us — throw on some sneakers, head outside and get those endorphins going. You’ll feel a total confidence boost after dedicating some time to yourself. Plus, a perfect spring day can make for optimal running weather.

How will you celebrate the return of spring in State College? Tweet us, @VALLEYmag, with your ideas.



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